“If You Doubt The Bodies, There Is No Sport.”

Frank Deford discussed performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and athletes on NPR’s Morning Edition this week.

He argues that we watch sport to see the “true” human body excel.  And, that it is the same as expecting an opera to provide a “true” singing voice — untouched.  If we must wonder if what we are seeing by an athlete is natural and “real” then our faith in the sport is lost.

I get that argument.  Although it made me chuckle to think of all of the actors and actresses and celebrities who have plenty of surgical enhancements done to prolong and “improve” their artisitic performances.  And, I think it’s a bit naive to think that great dancers don’t resort to their own PEDs.  So, perhaps that argument is a little weak.

Still, I like this piece and I like the thoughts he offers.  It’s worth a read and/or a listen.

NPR: Frank Deford on Performance Enhancing Drugs

1 thought on ““If You Doubt The Bodies, There Is No Sport.”

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