Game 162.

“You don’t know how to slow it down. It just goes by so fast.” ~ Duane Kuiper, SF Giants broadcaster (and former second baseman) on baseball careers


© The Baseball Bloggess

Even if your team will go to the post-season next week, there’s something kind of sad about Game 162, the last game of the regular season.

Six months. Done.

It went so fast.

Sure, 10 teams still play next week.

(Go Orioles!)

But, with 20 teams gone, the box scores thin out day by day, until there’s just one. Then, none.

Not to jump ahead to 2015, when there’s a World Series in Baltimore still to play for …

Oh, let’s jump ahead to 2015 …

Today’s University of Virginia vs. Towson “Fall Ball” game counts toward their 2015 NCAA season.

So, even though Game 162 is a little sad. Somewhere else, it’s just Game 1.

University of Virginia vs. Towson

The Veteran …

Nathan Kirby

Junior Nathan Kirby, Pitcher

The Freshman …

Ernie Clement

Ernie Clement, Second Base

The Sophomore …


Matt Thaiss, First Base

The Rookie …

Justin Novak

 Justin Novak, Shortstop

The fans … 


Photos: University of Virginia, Davenport Field. Charlottesville, Virginia. September 28, 2014. © The Baseball Bloggess

5 thoughts on “Game 162.

  1. It was an odd day. 162 in the books. How did that happen? Vin said today that he used to think of it as “one more season,” but now he thinks of it as “another year in his life.”

    Love your photos today.

    • Thanks, Bruce! I got to see some of yesterday’s Giants game, including Hunter Pence firing up the fans after the game with his “clean version” cheerleading. Every team should have a Hunter Pence! :)

      I think I know what Vin means … another season done, another year older … sigh.

      (But, there’s always October … and, the hot stove season … and then, and then, and then … why, it’s nearly time for pitchers and catchers to report!)

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