Strike Three

strike three

© The Baseball Bloggess

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

It’s ironic that the first Word Press blog challenge that I choose to do is one that asks me to share a photo about “Motion.”

Because, the people who wish to speed up baseball – shaving off a few seconds here or there to make the game a few minutes speedier – are also, I think, the same people who gulp their food, chug their wine, push aside slow pokes on escalators, and angrily honk their horns at me on the highway when I’m just trying to get into the left lane because, you idiot, there is a left turn there that I need to slow down to get into because my house is over there, okay???!!

So, when I’m taking photos at a ballgame it’s not because I’m trying to catch the action – although there is plenty there, with home runs, and 100 mph pitches, and diving outfield catches, slides into home, and, be still my heart, those beautiful, beautiful around-the-horn double plays.

I’m more about capturing the stillness.

This photo is about stillness … and yet, I don’t think you need to know much about baseball to see the motion in it.

Strike three.

Photo: University of Virginia, Davenport Field, Charlottesville, Virginia.  Orange vs. Blue Series, Fall 2014. © The Baseball Bloggess

7 thoughts on “Strike Three

  1. Another post from a blogger I always like to read. There’s always something here that deserves a replay. Not a “super slow mo replay brought to you by Lowe’s,” but just another reading of words combined in an enjoyable way.

  2. Is it easier to capture motion in a “still” picture than it is to capture stillness in a “moving” mind? Both seem to take a lot of practice.

    • I think both are nearly impossible, don’t you? It’s pretty hard to get your camera’s shutter just so, so your motion doesn’t blur. And, it’s pretty hard to get the monkey mind to turn off … or things will get blurry up there in the brain too, I suppose.

  3. Great pic, and I totally agree. The game is fine the way it is, and who wants it ‘sped up’?! When I sit down at a live game, I get totally lost in those few hours I’m at the ballpark. I leave all the stress and worries at the gate. The game, the smells, sounds, and sights, spending time with my dad and kids. Why would I want that ‘sped up’?

    • I agree! A day of baseball is, for me, “a day” of baseball. It’s a good thing, a retreat from “real life.” That a game goes 3 hours, instead of 2 hours and 45 minutes just means I get 15 more minutes of hanging out at a beautiful park with other fans, soaking in the goodness of baseball. Time goes too fast anyway … why are we always trying to speed life up?

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