“Some How. Some Way. Josh Comes In.”

Here are some things The Baseball Bloggess can no longer do.

  • Read the small print on vitamin bottles.
  • This.
  • Stay up past midnight.

One can be remedied with cheap drugstore reading glasses and I have 11 pairs lying around the house in case of a vitamin emergency. Two, I never could do that. (But, I’m touched that for five seconds you thought I could.) Three, well, if your team plays the late game in the College World Series, bedtime can be an inconvenience.

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t get up at 5 a.m. to watch the post-midnight DVR’d parts of last night/this morning’s University of Virginia vs. Florida game.

sleepy kid

I wasn’t the only sleepy one.

Let’s get to it. UVa won, continuing its miracle run of playing much better (much, much, much better) than it did through the regular season.

Since you might not have made it to 2 a.m. either, watch the recap here.

“Some how. Some way.”

Now, rewind to 3:12 and re-watch the 8th inning highlights and the come-backer to UVa closer Josh Sborz. The one that ricocheted off his glove and sent the glove flying. The one that came with no outs and the tying run on third, the go-ahead run on first, and the go-ahead-even-more run at bat.

No outs.

He gets the out. But, still … it’s break-a-sweat time. Because even with that out, the tying run is still on third, the go-ahead run is still on first, and the go-ahead-ahead run is at bat. One out.

Times like these call for a visit to the mound. To settle down your pitcher. To position your infield. To make sure everything is just so. It’s late and every pitch is potentially a “game changer.”

The recap didn’t share the mound visit that followed that Sborz play. But, I will …

Willie Stargell once said, “They don’t say, ‘Work Ball.’ They say ‘Play Ball.’” And, when you’re in the College World Series, it’s a good idea to savor every moment, even when the game’s on the line.


“Hey, that pitch could have killed you, Josh.”


“Hey, do you think we’ll have time for a swim when we get back to the hotel?”


“Hey, have you seen Vanderbilt’s uniforms? It’s like a nine-man prison break.”


“Hey, can you believe we’re playing in the College World Series?”

Now, that’s playing baseball.

(Spoiler Alert: Sborz gets the next two outs. And, then three more, one-two-three, in the 9th. Hoos win, 1-0.)

Which brings us to this classic scene from Bull Durham. I know you know the one. But, watch it again. I know you want to.


Hey, might as well watch the whole movie. You’ve got time. UVa doesn’t play again until Friday.

box score



11 thoughts on ““Some How. Some Way. Josh Comes In.”

    • UVa is the “underdoggiest” … and a great team to root for. They seem to have the game in perspective, are making the most of their Omaha experience, and are a nice group of guys. There’s also some very real baseball smarts and talent hiding under that scrappy underdog exterior. Extra Plus — their nickname. The Hoo’s. How cute is that?! :) “Go Hoo’s!”

  1. That Gabby D. has it going on the uneven bars. Wow!

    As for the late night games, I don’t even get close to midnight. Giants, A’s, Dodgers, Padres, Mariners, Angels. I turn them off way before then. I learned my lesson years ago. I have that going.

    • See, you should become an Orioles fan … games would be done by dinnertime out in your Pacific timezone! :) I’m always disappointed that it’s increasingly hard for me to stay up late enough to catch an entire Giants game. And, Vin Scully calling a Dodgers game is a rare treat, indeed. I’m a one-inning girl with most of those west-coast games.

    • It was a lie with a grain of truth. I was a competitive gymnast when I was young. But, I had one fatal flaw … I couldn’t do the uneven bars. I couldn’t even half do them. I was modestly competitive at vault and the floor exercise, but I was an embarrassment on the uneven bars and was mediocre at best on the beam. I think I didn’t like the idea of falling off of stuff! :)

        • Oh no, don’t let me over-represent what I was … it’s not really impressive. Nearly every mom in town had their daughter in gymnastics classes. I just happened to be passably good at the stuff that didn’t require jumping or spinning 3 feet off of the ground. Then, when I was about 12, my friend was training next to me and broke her arm doing back flips … I was more traumatized than she was. She healed up and was back at it within a couple months; I was never the same. Fortunately, no back flips teaching Yoga! :)

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