Free Baseball: Red, White, and Blue Edition

Baseball is the perfect way to spend your Independence Day. But, just in case your guys are the away team today (Dear Orioles, did you forget to pack your bats before you left for Chicago?), here’s some Free Baseball* to keep your game red, white, and blue.

Happy 4th of July!

10th Inning: Silent Cal

We are a nation of mega-mansions, monster trucks, and hotdog eating contests. More is always better. And, because five Racing Presidents weren’t enough for the Washington Nationals, we now have six. Welcome Racing President Calvin Coolidge!


Coolidge joins Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Taft.

(Add in Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush – all played baseball in college – and you can field your own Racing Presidents baseball team!)

Apparently, Coolidge was not much of a baseball fan, but his wife Grace was. (Impeccable source for this fact? Annoying Nats color guy F.P. Santangelo. If it’s wrong, blame him.)

But, President Coolidge did say: “Baseball is our national game.” Which is about as generic as you can get, but apparently is enough to get a 40-pound felt head built in your likeness.

Oh, and he’s the only U.S. President born on the 4th of July. Happy Birthday, Cal!

Here’s his first race from last night:

cals first race

Watch here.

11th Inning: Vin’s America

Legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully can call a game all by himself – no need for color guys. And, he still has time left over to teach you a little history. During last night’s Dodgers-Mets game Vin shared some Star-Spangled Banner stories.

So gather round, listen, and Vin promises, you’ll “learn a little something about our flag.”


Watch here.

12th Inning: Capping It All Off

As usual, all players will wear special 4th of July caps today.

Look, everything’s stars and stripey!

stars stripes cap

orioles cap

Editor/Husband Fashion Review: “Those are horrible. Where’s Betsy Ross when you need her?”

And, don’t worry Toronto Blue Jays, it may not be your special day, but we’ve got something for you, too. Awww, it’s your maple leaf. On a cap.

blue jays cap

Happy Canada Day, three days late, Blue Jays!

13th Inning: Keep Your Critters Safe!

One more thing … The 4th of July is great and so is baseball. But, fireworks stink if you’re an animal. Keep your critters safe!

keep your pets indoors


* Free Baseball refers to extra innings that come after a nine-inning game ends in a tie. Here it’s the extra things that don’t quite fit into my regular-sized posts.


9 thoughts on “Free Baseball: Red, White, and Blue Edition

    • Yup, me, too. A couple years ago, he shared the booth one night with Jon Miller for a Giants/Dodgers game. (I’m pretty sure it was for the #42/Jackie Robinson game.) I’m swooning just remembering it.

  1. I do believe the race of the presidents was fixed for Cal, but it was fun to watch anyway. I warned my “new but still a bit feral” indoor kitty about the noise coming tonight, though she’ll likely think it might be thunder and take shelter under the couch. Thanks for the free baseball.

    • You can! You can buy one online: And, the Royals are probably doing what the Orioles are doing … autographing their game-worn caps and auctioning them off, too. Not my favorite, but it probably looked better on teams that already wore red or blue. It looked weird on the Giants and the Orioles. But, it was infinitely better than the star-covered one from a few years ago — when they covered Cleveland’s “Chief Wahoo’s” face with little stars that looked cringingly like small pox. And, I always feel bad for Toronto … the step-child who doesn’t get anything special for Canada Day and then they just stick a maple leaf on their heads so they have something “special” to wear on the 4th too.

    • I hope you had a great 4th holiday, too! I’m glad that the minor league teams got special caps for the 4th of July, too! I didn’t realize that they got to take part too (and they should, as they often go all-out with festivities and fireworks on the 4th.) See, you have a team where a blue or red cap suits them nicely. The Orioles and Giants were both in the blue caps this weekend and they looked rather like 3 year olds who dressed themselves up and then put on the wrong color cap! :)

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