The Better Business Bureau Made Me Mad

It was a prim and stern woman’s voice on my office voice mail yesterday.

“Yesssss. [pregnant pause] This is the Better Business Bureau.  My name is [  ]. This message is for the owner of the company. Please return my call. My direct line is [  ]. I will be in my office until 4:30 p.m.” ((Click))

There was no “thank you.” No “goodbye.” No reason why this unfriendly person at the Better Business Bureau was calling me.

I’m just a one-person office. The “owner of the company” is me. The massage therapist and Yoga teacher is me. The bookkeeper and laundry washer and taxpayer and phone answerer and toilet paper buyer and Yoga mat roller and vacuum cleaner emptier and the one who carefully picks the ladybugs off of the office window and brings them outside to freedom? All me.

Did someone complain about me to the Better Business Bureau? Why else would they be calling?

Did I forget an appointment? Is someone upset that we did too many Down Dogs in class last week? (We didn’t, honest!)

Of course, I called them back. If someone was going to complain that the table warmer wasn’t warm enough during their last massage, I wanted the opportunity to explain.

And, of course, (and you already knew this was coming, but I’m not as quick-as-a-whip as you are) it was a sales call. A cold call asking me to pay the Better Business Bureau for accreditation. I had to wriggle myself out of a lousy sales call by explaining that my client was about to walk in.

The more I thought about this stupid call which wasted my time, the more steamed I got.

To get off the call, I had to ask the lady to just send me additional information via email. And, she did. Her materials told me a lot of good things about accreditation, but didn’t answer the most important question that any half-decent business owner would have. Hey BBB, just how much will that cost me?

(Although, she did respond to my email this morning and did answer my question about costs. A question that, I admit, I was asking just to see if she would answer. And, she did. But, I’m still steamed about the rest of this.)

I mean, look. I get the bait and switch. If the Better Business Bureau called and said, “Hi, wanna pay us $462 a year so you can put a Better Business Bureau widget on your website?” I’m not calling back. Sales calls drive me nuts.

They know that, too.

That’s why they leave frosty, unclear messages that might lead someone to think that the call is for something other than a sales pitch.

A friend told me last night that her business had also received a vague message from them. The message sounded, she said, “like we had done something wrong.”

Which they hadn’t.

They actually did it to me once before, some years back. The message then was from a man and it was much shadier, saying he needed to talk with me “immediately.”

And, it was a sales call then. And, yes, you are right, I should have figured out that yesterday’s call was a sales call. But, I didn’t.

And, sure, there’s nothing technically wrong about the message the Better Business Bureau left with me yesterday.

Except …


You’re about BETTER business. Not boiler room, cold call, marketing practices.

Look, BBB, it’s right there on YOUR own website. Under the Code of Business Practices, in a section titled “TELL THE TRUTH”:

Make known all material facts in both written and verbal representations, remembering that misrepresentation may result not only from direct statements but by omitting or obscuring relevant facts.

You didn’t NOT tell the truth. And, you didn’t misrepresent who you were when you called.

But, you and I both know that you omitted one relevant fact in your message: you were making a sales call. And, you know that when a business gets a stern call and a vague message from the Better Business Bureau, you know … YOU KNOW … we will return that call just in case there has been some mistake and someone has complained.

It’s not a reach for me to assume your omission was intentional.

And, that stinks. Because, seriously, the Better Business Bureau ought to know better.

I really wanted to file a complaint about this with the Better Business Bureau.

Instead, I’ll do with them what I do with all the vague messages left on my answering machine … including those shady callers who say that they’re “interested” in a massage or learning more about my Yoga classes in the hopes that their “I might be a potential client” message will lure me into calling them back so they can try to sell me scheduling software or Yoga mats.

Sorry, Better Business Bureau, I don’t do business with callers like that.

13 thoughts on “The Better Business Bureau Made Me Mad

  1. Is it possible to file a complaint about the BBB to the BBB. Wonder who they would direct that to for resolution. It just doesn’t seem fair.

    • Exactly! That’s why I came here to complain publicly … maybe someone will listen (and recognize that it isn’t an isolated incident). I’ve already heard from one business that had the same vague, ominous-sounding call. And, I’ve tagged the local Richmond BBB and the National BBB on Twitter.

    • Businesses don’t have the same “do not call” protections as individuals and residences do, unfortunately. Nothing they did was a violation of anything, just a bit shady. And, if you’re the Better Business Bureau, I expect you, of all organizations, to hold to the same high level of integrity that you expect from the rest of us. I’m continuing to hear from other small business folks who received similar vague and stern “you need to call us back right away” messages.

  2. Good for you! I really appreciate you blogging about this kind of thing, as fellow small business owners! Sales calls drive us crazy as well, especially under falls intentions and counting on “fear” which seems to drive a lot of universal decision making these days! But, who can we complain to now? I hoped the BBB was better than that, just like you…

    • Thanks, Liesbet. I know … I really wanted to post a complaint to the BBB. Instead, I tweeted my post to the national and local offices. I know they saw the post (I could see from the blog stats that the local Richmond, VA BBB clicked the tweet and read the post), but I got no response. No response? I guess they don’t care. :(

    • I don’t know if every Better Business Bureau office is doing it … I only know that the Richmond, VA branch is, as I have heard from a couple other small businesses in our area that received the vague, stern phone call and had the same reaction that I did.

  3. I don’t know if every Better Business Bureau office is doing it … I only know that the Richmond, VA branch is, as I have heard from a couple other small businesses in our area that received the vague, stern phone call and had the same reaction that I did. I hoped the BBB was better than that, just like you…

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