“No Baseball Beyond This Point”


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Baseball is over.

The World Series went seven exciting games, which is as much baseball as one can have. A World Series only promises you four games, so to have the Series go the full seven – and an extra inning last night to boot! – is like taking two brownies from the buffet table. Sure, you know you were only supposed to take one, but the second one was so delicious.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs who won their first World Series since 1908. It took a rain delay and an extra inning, but Cubs fans, no more sad-faces from you, you’re winners now.

And, chin up, Cleveland. You gave it your best.

(The Orioles haven’t been to a World Series in 33 years.)


And, thank you, Mother Nature for raining on Cleveland at midnight slowing down Game 7 even more. Baseball fans were exhausted, but a bunch of them were also reading my post from earlier this season that explained how long baseball rain delays last. (Short answer: Until it stops raining.)

So, now what? The brownies are gone and what are you going to do with yourself until baseball comes around again?

(Oh, I know, you freakish baseball nerds … the off-season calendar is loaded with stuff. Free agency and qualifying offers and the Rule 5 Draft and GM Meetings and the Winter Meetings and the awards, from Gold Gloves to Cy Youngs to MVPs. But, you know that’s not baseball. That’s just stuff.)

It’s only been a few hours. I miss baseball already.

(And, brownies. I could really use a brownie right now.)

(And, a good strong cup of coffee.)

Photo: 2016. © The Baseball Bloggess

21 thoughts on ““No Baseball Beyond This Point”

  1. I think the Cubs should thank heaven for the rain! It gave them the breather they needed. It was a heart wrenching outcome for Cleveland, but a wonderful Series between two strong, well-matched teams. So, Bloggess, how many days until spring training starts?

  2. Brownies – nope it was the whole chocolate cake, with gooey ganache and sprinkles!
    It will be a very long time for Chicago to let this one go! and who didn’t love their catchy tune?!

  3. Holy cripes, can you believe that game?! The only thing that could’ve added any more excitement would’ve been Michael Barrett, my old beloved catcher, showing up and punching someone in the lip. When Kris Bryant smiled and put his hand on that ball for the last out, I actually (truly) fell off my couch. I think I’m still in shock.

  4. Maybe this defines me as less than a “real” Baseball fan, but my season pretty much ended when the Giants were eliminated. I mean, it was nice, that those other guys were still playing, even though I didn’t much care which of them won the marbles, and it was great that Fox Sports broadcasts the World Series, so I could watch the games from my cable-less home, but when your gut’s not really in it, because your guys have gone home, it becomes kind of an empty, meaningless experience. Of course, as Woody Allen once said, about sex without love, “As empty, meaningless experiences go, it ain’t bad”.
    In any case, it’s all over now, and we enter the Dark Time, during which we snatch, greedily, at any scraps of news, about our team, or Baseball in general. I suspect that several iconic (or nearly iconic) Giants players are going to pack their bags, this offseason, and seek new employment. That’s always a little painful, but it’s good for us to be reminded that, just because it’s our religion, doesn’t also mean it’s not a cold-hearted business, when it comes to it.
    Now, the “Suits” take the field, and until April, we get to watch them play their game- often with different rules and goals. Still, it’s Baseball, and until April, it will have to do. That, and blogs like yours. Thanks.

    • I agree … the cold-hearted business part of the game sort of sullies it all. And, it was always that at its core … a cold-hearted business.

      It was interesting to watch Game 7 and see how stricken the Cubs and Indians fans were throughout the ups and downs of the game, and I thought, “I’m lucky, I just get to enjoy the game and not worry who wins or loses.” (Which is what I say every October.)

      I’ll dream of spring, too … and all the possibilities it will bring. :)

  5. Yes, the season is over. But this was fun to watch. A sarcastic shout out must go the MLB Network, for being the first place to remind me that the last team to win Game 6 and Game 7 of the World Series on the road to win the thing were the “We Are Family” Pirates of 1979. So, the postseason began and ended with bad Oriole vibes. Your mention of our relatively piddly 33 year drought between championships was also a wee bit painful to remember too.

    Despite that, I enjoyed watching this World Series. I am something of a baseball softy, so when I saw those Cub fans tearing up and expressing their long-suppressed happiness that their team finally got the job done, I teared up a little. Baseball was the game I first loved, and it was also the game that gave me my first cry. I’ve seen the Ravens win two Super Bowls, and I can’t remember shedding a tear for either victory. Happy as all get out, sure, but tears of joy, no. The Orioles make the playoffs in 2012 after wandering in loserville for a mere half-decade? Waterworks.

    Baseball is such a great sport, full of drama (and last night’s game did not lack for drama, especially late). It allows us to second-guess managerial moves (or non-moves), bemoan sloppy play that leads to unearned runs, and rue bad pitching from starters and relievers (especially the ones on your own team). And yet, it draws me every year, and it doesn’t even have to be the Orioles; I’ll watch any two teams just because I love the game.

    Whew. That was a blog post. Maybe I should have saved that for my own blog…so sorry for rambling on…

    • You said it better than I could. I admit … that stupid Eddie Vedder song made me tear up. It was nice to see Chicagoans respond with such happiness — I love the wall where people were signing the names of their friends and family who didn’t live to see the day when the Cubbies won. And, yes, that made me tear up a little, too.

      There’s something warm and nostalgic and pure and simple about baseball, isn’t there? When the world get stupid and angry and mean … baseball is just there. It’s a comfort. The grass is green and the game makes sense, when nothing else in the world seems to.

      Yes, those 1979 references were not lost on me either. But, that’s ok. We’ll look back at those silly references and laugh and laugh next October, right? When the Orioles break their 33-year drought.

    • I felt a little pang for Nationals fans throughout the post-season this year, because between every inning there was that funny T-Mobile ad with Bryce Harper talking about watching his post-season “bomb.” And, I thought, Nats fans probably don’t need to see that every 15 minutes.

  6. Cheers to a strong off-season for you! I finished my #baseballmom blog summer with what I felt was my walk-off, and I would consider the same of your post here. Nice work. ⚾️

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  8. The World Series was amazing! Both teams and fans made it one to remember for sure. We look forward to college ball in February (that just sounds cold, though…), but have hockey and wrestling to get us by until then. I can’t even sit down to put on socks without taking a spear for close-line from Brian…

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