“Welcome Fans!”

“Virginia is a team that more than deserved to be a very high seed and host a regional. Why that didn’t happen, I don’t know.” ~ Jim Schlossnagle, Coach, Texas Christian University Horned Frogs

Last Sunday, the NCAA named its 16 host teams for their post-season Regional Tournaments which began yesterday.

The University of Virginia — ranked #13 in the country by D1 Baseball, #11 in USA Today‘s Coaches Poll, and #10 in the Baseball Writers Poll — was not among them.

In the scope of injustices in this world, the NCAA’s slight is plenty misguided, sure, but still pretty teeny-tiny.

And, sure you can argue that Virginia is still one of the 64 teams competing in the post-season this weekend. Look at poor Miami, left out for the first time in 44 years.

Yes, you can argue that at least Virginia gets to play today.

(Don’t try to make me feel better. I’m steamed about this.)

Virginia plays today – the #2 seed in the Fort Worth Regional.

Fun fact: If you ask the Googler what Fort Worth, Texas is famous for you will learn that Fort Worth is home to, “Billy Bob’s Texas,” the world’s largest honky-tonk, and that 60 percent of America’s paper money is printed at Fort Worth’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Fort Worth is the birthplace of Kelly Clarkson, Ornette Coleman, John Denver, and Ginger Rogers.

I’m sure Fort Worth is a great town.

It’s just that there should be baseball today at Charlottesville’s Davenport Field. And, I should be there.

We went to the Dav today anyway. Because?

Well, Virginia sent out its tickets to the Regional tournament last Saturday, not realizing that the NCAA was going to screw everything up on Sunday.

We have tickets to the game. Well, technically, we have tickets. To the Charlottesville Regional. Which, apparently, doesn’t exist.

But, where else are we going to go on Game Day?

Where is everyone? It’s Game Day!

Nothing buzzing around Davenport Field today, ‘cept that little dragonfly. 

But, I’ve got a ticket to the game.


Stupid NCAA took my Game Day away. (Look at how sad Editor/Husband is. You should be ashamed of yourself, NCAA.)

Locked up tight.

The front gates were locked, but the nice lady posted at the Virginia track next door said we could walk around the back.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear … right field … wide open (and no tiny reindeer) …


Isn’t it beautiful? A picture perfect day for baseball.

Starting Lineups. Empty Seats.

Batting Practice.

If you hold your phone, tablet, or computer monitor sideways as you read this you’ll clearly see that Virginia has already updated its jumbo Post-Season Appearance sign to include … today.

Virginia plays Dallas Baptist in the first round of the Fort Worth Regional. It airs at 4:00 p.m. Eastern on ESPNU.

SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: It rained and stormed and rained some more in Fort Worth last night. Because … of course it did. The game was postponed. It is scheduled for today — Saturday, June 3 — at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. It is scheduled to air on ESPNU.

SATURDAY MORNING BONUS UPDATE: Still sunny and beautiful in Charlottesville.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Guess what? Rain delay in Fort Worth. First pitch currently scheduled for 7:04 p.m. Eastern. It is scheduled to air … um … no decision yet. Somewhere … ESPNU? ESPN3? Look around, I guess. It’ll be on somewhere. (Assuming it doesn’t start raining again.)

SATURDAY AFTERNOON BONUS UPDATE: Guess what? Still sunny in Charlottesville.

AND, FINALLY, SATURDAY NIGHT UPDATE: The University of Virginia Cavaliers defeated Dallas Baptist, 6-3, on Saturday night — 30 hours after the first rain delay. They advance to the winner’s bracket on Sunday. (Weather permitting, of course.)

Photos: Davenport Field, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. June 2, 2017. © The Baseball Bloggess

20 thoughts on ““Welcome Fans!”

  1. I was counting on a picture of Editor/Husband climbing the Davenport Field fence but I enjoyed it anyway. Thanks.

    • Well, we could have scaled the fences, but when the right field fence was wide open we could have walked right up to the mound. (We didn’t, of course, because that mound might need to be perfect for next week’s Super Regionals … because … crazier things have happened.)

  2. The cruelty of this is too much! How could they do it? I think you should send the photo of Editor/Husband looking sad and dispirited to the NCAA offices. It certainly hurt my heart for you both – and I think it would encourage them to not be such jerk-faces again.

  3. Great!
    I love how you did this with photos. My heart is with you and the Hoos. Robbed!
    Editor/Husband was precious. Yes, it is a perfect day for baseball.

  4. Leave it to the NCAA to louse things up. Fort Worth has nothing but thunderstorms in the forecast for the next several days. And today is such a perfect day for baseball here in Virginia.

    • Not as fun as a game, but we made the best of it! The UVA folks working in the area thought it was nice that we came to the Dav anyway, and when we got to the field and the right field fence was open and we could walk right on to the field if we wanted to (which we didn’t!) was a wonderful gift. The field looked great — all ready for a game. So, Super Regionals … you never know!

  5. I do feel for you. I think everyone thought the Hoos would host. I know the ACC tourney did nothing to help any team for Florida State (who I despise, and you can read about that when I finally get around to my tourney posts).
    From what I took from the Baseball America podcast, they went almost strictly from the RPI, and that’s how Clemson got it over Virginia, even thought you beat the Tigers here last weekend….
    Unfortunately, do to work and Brian’s little league games I won’t be making any regional games here, and burned a week of leave last week.

    • But even going by straight RPI, Charlottesville was #16. With 16 host teams … #16 is in.

      I’ve read that NCAA doesn’t like that C’ville (and all the D1 teams from Virginia northward) have weaker early season/out-of-conference strength of schedule (SOS) numbers. This is because it’s difficult to find powerful southern warm-weather teams willing to come north for games in February.

      To Virginia’s credit, they argue that they are not willing to send their team on the road every week and every weekend in February to solve this — it’s not beneficial to the player’s academic responsibilities and it’s not fair to the fan base.

      So apparently it’s a known issue, affecting Virginia, Maryland, etc. And, quite honestly, I think to base a hosting decision on the fact that Virginia played Rutgers (of the Big 10) in February, etc. rather than a Southern team is a little short-sighted.

      Oh well … games were cancelled in Fort Worth yesterday due to rain. Sun’s still shining here in Charlottesville. (And, in fairness, Fort Worth earned their seeding and host spot. I’ll argue against Clemson forever.)

      On the plus side, the last time Virginia didn’t host the Regionals … 2015. The year they won the National Championship, so maybe it’ll work out fine. (And, I’m holding on to my Super Regional tickets, just in case, because …crazier things have happened.)

    • Season’s not done yet, Sharon! If a lot of things go “just so,” maybe — maybe, maybe — Charlottesville could host next weekend’s Super Regionals. The chances are slim (not only would UVA have to win, but top seed Arkansas, in the other bracket, would have to lose), but then crazier things have happened. Including 2015 …

      So, we’re holding on to our Super Regionals tickets. :)

  6. Fort Worth is actually a pretty cool city, and the area where Billy Bob’s is located, the Stockyards, is a lot of fun. The bar where Chuck Norris used to hang out in in Walker Texas Ranger is in the Stockyards. As for you guys, meh. It does sound like you got jobbed, but at least you get to play, unlike Missouri, which blew chunks after a pretty good start to the season. One of the Cardinal’s fan favorites (for reasons that escape me), Ricky Horton, likes to mention on the air that he went to UVA.Whenever an MLB player is mentioned who went there, he swoons and reminds us all that he did too. Lol. It’s actually pretty funny. I’m looking for a team to root for in this tournament, so maybe this sad underdog story is just what I needed to push me towards the Cavaliers. Maybe.

    • Ricky Horton is a little before my time — well, my time following Virginia anyway. But, yeh, he apparently was a star pitcher there in the early 1980s. He’s not celebrated at UVA — but then, no Hoo’s alum older than Ryan Zimmerman is remembered there.

      Come on board the HooTrain, Don! (It will probably be a short ride, but who knows?) After all, your Cards picked UVA’s Friday Night Guy, RHP Connor Jones in last year’s draft, and he got the win last night for your Single A Palm Beach Cardinals. (Jones was helped in the win thanks to RBIs by Luke, son of Lenny, Dykstra.)

      With Cavaliers like Connor Jones and Ricky Horton on your side, you’re practically Wahoo Family!

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