Season’s Greetings, Nationals Fans! (Finally.)

Dear Washington Nationals Fans,

So, look, I know you may have given up on your Nationals wishing you a Happy Holidays this year, what with their website linking – still … three days after Christmas – to the New York Mets holiday greeting.


Maybe I was a bit harsh when I kinda-sorta suggested in a recent post that a screw-up like that seemed like a perfect wrap-up of the 2018 Nationals … and so very, very Washington, DC.

But, that was uncalled for. And, I’m sorry if I made you sad.

I’m sure it was just a simple mistake. Let’s blame the interns.

But, I couldn’t stop thinking about you on the holidays – the only fans in baseball that weren’t greeted and thanked for being fans. Even the 115-loss Baltimore Orioles came through to wish me a happy holidays.

(Happy Holidays, Orioles fans. At least we didn’t lose 116!)

Surely, the Nationals couldn’t be that cold. Surely, they didn’t forget you.

They didn’t!

And, in the spirit of the season, I want to make sure that you saw their greeting … which I found by digging down into Twitter.

Look! It’s your Racing Presidents! Plus, there’s your eagle Screech, who, to be honest, always looks like he came off the remainder rack at a high school yard sale.

And, there’s your awesome bullpen buggy! (I love that thing. I really do.)

And, see, they decorated for you! They don’t hate you after all.

And, several players took the time to wish you happy holidays, too. Look! Max Scherzer even smiled when he said it. Well, sort of. Almost.

Cubs fans didn’t get a video — they just got a lousy photo of a gingerbread house. You got two videos!

(Season’s Greetings, Cubs fans. No one had time to make you a video.)

And, with that, I have now watched all 30 team greetings for 2018.

Now get out there and sign some free agents. And, start counting the days until pitchers and catchers report.


Your Friend Who Is Always Looking Out For You, The Baseball Bloggess

5 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings, Nationals Fans! (Finally.)

  1. So you say that’s an eagle? Huh.🦅 🤔Now, indeed, we do have the perfect wrap-up to the Nats’ 2018 season. Well, hope springs eternal, they say. And pitchers/catchers report on 2/15. ⚾️😎

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  3. As the Cubs made their fans wait more than a century for a WS, who knows how long it may be to see a video! Happy New Year, Bloggess!

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