Baseball Is Like Poetry. Sorta.

If baseball is like poetry

And, most days I think it is,

I’d have to think a minute about

What each poem truly is …

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The Alternate Rhyme — The “ABAB” Scheme

The Yankees give poems of Odes Epic;

A Murderers Row meaning great and not gruesome.

The Twins poems? There’s no need to nitpick,

They write Couplets – because they are two-some.


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Diamente Poem


Nonrhyming, Persnikety

Write, Write, Write

Poetry, Poetry. Baseball, Baseball.

Play, Play, Play

Diamentes, Diamondbacks



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Two Haiku. For You.

Baltimore Summer.

The Orange and Black Rebuilding.

Win Again Some Day.

 *   *   *

The House that Ruth built.

That stadium was torn down.

No corporate suites.


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Invented by

Miss Adelaide Crapsey

Isn’t Crapsey a funny word?

The Mets.


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Rhyme Royal: A-B  A-B  B-C-C

It’s Chaucer’s poem,

Rhyme Royal, pure and pretty.

It’s the Royals home,

KC’s the city.

Though it’s a pity,

At twenty-some back,

Hard to get back on track.


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Sonnet: The Love Poem

Bullpen Pitchers, my heart goes pitter pat,

Smooshed, hip to hip, on your outfield bench.

Awaiting your chance to face an at-bat;

Don’t let Mookie Betts homer o’er that fence.


Fastballs and sliders and sinkers and curves;

Spaghetti legs, long hair, unruly beard.

Loading the bases, you’ve frazzled my nerves;

Wild pitch, blown save, it’s just what I feared.


You’re all kind of oddball, goofy, and sly;

You prank, give hot foots, tell off-color jokes.

You shake off the catcher, rear back, let fly;

Walking and balking, you give your fans strokes.


We’re now to the twelfth, the game is still tied;

No matter what happens, I know you tried.


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The Limerick

There are no Big League boys from Nantucket;

No hurlers, no fielders who pluck it.

The closest we’ve seen

For this rhyming scheme

Are those Red Sox who play in Pawtucket. 


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Free Verse

Unlike baseball

Free verse has no rules.

This is free verse

And, nothing rhymes.

The Orioles won Friday, 13 to 0.

Saturday they won again, 13 to 0.

They are the only team

In the Big Leagues

To ever win two shut outs

In a row

And score 13 or more

In each game.


This season is bad.

But, we’ll always have that.

Go O’s.

(I never said I was a poet.)

12 thoughts on “Baseball Is Like Poetry. Sorta.

  1. One never should need an excuse to drink champagne. It’s just as good for drowning sorrows as for celebrations and everything in between. Thanks for the examples of poetry. They made more sense than my old college textbooks..

    • I included links to every one to show the meter, syllable, line, and rhyme requirements for each form of poem. I had never heard of a Diamente … and, to be fair, calling “Samey” a noun was a little, well, “cheaty.” And, I hadn’t written a Cinquain — or even thought about one — since 5th grade. :)

  2. A fun post! I especially enjoyed the one with those boys “who play in Pawtucket” – shame they’ll be moving to Worcester soon. What rhymes with Worcester, anyway?? (On another note, here in New Bedford, MA we have a team called the Bay Sox that plays in the summer New England Collegiate Baseball League. I attended a game tonight, a good time for a measly five bucks!)

    • Of course, I know the New England Collegiate Baseball League! Virginia has a handful of players with the Keene Swamp Bats this summer. Charlottesville is part of the Valley Baseball League — also a wooden bat college league — and I love sitting on those old metal bleachers and watching the Tom Sox.

      Hmmmm … Worcester? We might be able to mumble “booster” or “rooster” or if we pronounce it more Southern’ly … “wuster” … we could rhyme it with bluster or muster or podunkster, which is entirely made up, but my poetry experience is pretty limited.

    • Ahh, Hannah, I’ll take “inspired” with a blush, but I know that most of what I wrote wasn’t very good. The rules on the different forms of poetry are brutal! I had never heard of a Diamente poem which has challenging rules and I did cheat a little on the last “noun.” I’m going to try that one again, maybe it will make my brain stronger! :)

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