Part 2: Grant Turns Four

“Never forget, there is a heartbeat in this game.” ~ Joe Torre, former player & manager (Baseball Hall of Fame, 2014)


Here’s Grant.

Yesterday, Grant turned four. And, all he wanted to do for his birthday was to play some ball with his dad at the nearby baseball diamond.

We were nearby, too. We had just transported and released a spotted turtle to a lakeside just a few blocks away.


(Click here for Part 1 and relive the spotted turtle adventure.)

Just as we were driving off, I saw the baseball diamond.

“Let’s stop here,” I said to Editor/Husband when I spotted the diamond. Or, maybe it was something more like a shouted, “HEY! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??? STOP!!!” just to make sure we didn’t drive too fast, too far away.

And, that’s where we found Grant and his dad. Playing ball.

Grant would like you to know that he is a Washington Nationals’ fan and Bryce Harper is his favorite player.

Grant has the swagger of a big leaguer. He knows how to swing the bat,


knock the dirt off his cleats, and dig into the batter’s box.


“When I hit the ball, I do want to hurt it.” ~ Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals


He’s got pretty good speed for being only four, and the sort of youthful stamina …


… that runs out every home run full-tilt as if it was a thisclose inside-the-parker.

He can slide feet first whether he needs to or not.

safe slide

And, his very first head-first slide into home is documented here.


When pitching, he has an intimidating stare …

this is grant

… an unorthodox pitching style that occasionally includes standing behind the rubber …


… and the confidence to shake off the catcher whenever necessary.


“I’m really trying to be a pitcher out there. I’m not trying to light up the radar gun all the time.”  ~ Stephen Strasburg, P, Washington Nationals

As for fielding …

“A player running the bases shall be out, if the ball is in the hands of an adversary on the base, or the runner is touched with it before he makes his base; it being understood, however, that in no instance is a ball to be thrown at him. ~ The Knickerbocker Rules, 1845.


Well, they’re working on that.

“I just like to play the game.” ~ Ryan Zimmerman, INF, Washington Nationals


Happy Birthday, Grant.

You’re why I love baseball.

(Oh, and P.S. I know you love the Nats and all, but couldn’t you just give the Orioles a try?)

Photos: Saturday, May 24, 2014, Fawn Lakes Baseball Diamond, Spotsylvania, Virginia

(Thank you to Grant and his dad, Shane Reid.)


Part 1 ~ There You Go, Turtle!


7 thoughts on “Part 2: Grant Turns Four

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  2. I think the baseball gods ride on your shoulder. Who else would go out to release a turtle and come across Grant on his birthday doing what??? Why, playing ball with his Dad, of course. (And, by the way, great pics.)

    • Thank you, Gloria! That’s the beauty of baseball, isn’t it — you can often just stumble on a kid and his dad having a catch anywhere. Turtles and baseball … a perfect Saturday for me. And, the baseball gods let the Orioles win today, so Sunday wasn’t bad, either … :)

  3. And so another generation begins its instruction in the art and religion that is baseball. Welcome to the real world, Grant.

    (And best of luck to Mr. Turtle.)

    • Watching someone play ball with his dad is so timeless, isn’t it? It brings us all together in such a sweet and nostalgic way. Grant really was amazing. I asked him who his favorite player was … but after seeing him airborne with a head-first slide into home, I knew he was going to say Bryce Harper before he actually told me. (I did encourage him to give Manny Machado some consideration.)

  4. FABULOUS pictures of an eternal joy – a little boy and his baseball; this kid is good!

    Thanks for lighting up the day, Grant (and Jackie).

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