It’s A Hoo’s Wrap

clubhouse doorwayLast week, the University of Virginia came within two runs of winning the College World Series.

(This is my gentle way of saying that UVa lost 3-2, without actually saying “UVa lost,” which is still just a little too painful to say, unless I mumble “they lost” quietly inside these parentheses.)

Congratulations to Vanderbilt who took two of three against UVa last week. In Game 3 on Wednesday night, Vanderbilt was just the better team. They played as if they had nothing to lose. UVa played as if they had everything to lose.

Thanks for breaking my heart, Vanderbilt.

(Don’t you find it sketchy when colleges and universities refuse to tell you their location in their names? I mean, I don’t want to start a rumor, but maybe Vanderbilt is hiding something.)

On Thursday night, UVa hosted a “Welcome Home” celebration for the Hoos as they returned to Charlottesville. They may have lost that one last game, but they still had an outstanding 53-16 winning season.

Did I go?

Of course I did. (Thank you to the clients who kindly let me juggle their appointments Thursday evening so I could be there.)


My very handsome and wonderful Editor/Husband got me this sweet College World Series cup!

It was a great opportunity to cheer the team one more time.

Did The Baseball Bloggess geek out when she got to meet some players and coaches?  She’s not saying.

(Yes. Yes, she did.)


Here’s the 2014 UVa highlights video they showed that night.  (Look for me and Editor/Husband in the crowd shots!)

welcome home

A few weeks ago, I met Jeff Curry at a game. He attends plenty of UVa baseball games and he draws them as they unfold.


He draws basketball and football games, too, but his favorite art comes from the diamond.


~ Jeff Curry, Artist

Curry used to play baseball, now he draws it. This is his 2014 UVa season wrap-up piece, as he was working on it Thursday night.

“I have been drawing collegiate and professional baseball games most of my life,” he says. “I really enjoy the silent tension that comes with the game as the drawing allows me to fully absorb it. The crack of the bat amidst the calm really opens the creative angle and the pen or paintbrush really flows.”


~ Jeff Curry, Artist

 UVa defeats Maryland 11-2 in Game 3 of the Super Regionals, June 9, 2014.  The players often autograph Curry’s artwork.

“Witnessing any hit for a go-ahead run is simply the best,” Curry said, “but that walk-off in the 15th inning against TCU [at the College World Series on June 17], please!”

Oh heck, let’s watch it again

pinero 15


So, that’s a wrap for the 2014 University of Virginia baseball season.

The other night at dinner, a friend asked Editor/Husband what I was going to do now that UVa baseball is over.

Hey, the major league season is just at the halfway point. There’s a whole lot of baseball left.

But, after the Orioles’ miserable series against Tampa this weekend, it might be one ugly summer.


Davenport Field is quiet tonight. But, UVa’s informal Fall Ball Season is back in September. That means we’ll be back in our seats at “The Dav” in no time.


(You noticed! Yes, I have changed the name of my blog. You can now find me at … because, well, because someone had to be THE Baseball Bloggess, and it might as well be me.  More on the new “me” soon.)


6 thoughts on “It’s A Hoo’s Wrap

    • All my readers are wise. They are friendly, witty, whip-smart, and quite good looking.

      I’m going to continue to slip Yoga in here in the same way I pill Polly the Cat every morning. I’m going to roll the Yoga in yummy, happy baseball talk treats, push it gently, yet firmly, past razor-sharp teeth and hope (hope, hope, hope) some of the prozac actually went all the way down.

    • Thanks, Gloria. I’ve always wanted to write about myself in the third person.

      Wait, let me try that again …

      The Baseball Bloggess is very excited that she may now write about herself in the third person. (She knows this is an annoying affectation, but she still thinks it’s kind of funny.)

    • Thanks Jaye! Jeff’s art is very sweet … it just makes me smile. I got two of his prints and got them framed, and every time I walk by them I remember the games they represent … like a moment in time, frozen and perfect. And, my team won those games, so … even better! :)

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