Cotton Candy & The Win Streak Ends

The Baltimore Orioles had a four-game win streak through Sunday.

They lost today, 6-4, to the Minnesota Twins.

A new win streak starts tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a kid eating cotton candy.


Getting all sticky.


Eating the entire thing.


And, then looking both wistful and a tiny bit barfy at the end.


(Hey, why does cotton candy only come in pink and blue?)

Also from our recent trip to a game at Nats Park in Washington, DC, here are the Racing Presidents.

racing presidents

(George always seems a little embarrassed about the whole running-around thing or maybe he just ate too much cotton candy and is feeling a tiny bit barfy himself.)

Photos: San Francisco Giants vs. Washington Nationals, Nationals Park, Washington, DC.  August 23 and August 24, 2014

(The Giants lost both games, including getting pounded by the Nats on Sunday, 14-6. This may help explain why I spent an entire inning watching a child cover himself in cotton candy. The Giants are currently on a seven-game win streak … and I hope this doesn’t jinx them.)


5 thoughts on “Cotton Candy & The Win Streak Ends

  1. It’s been a couple of seasons, but the last time I braved the crowd and the elements at (dilapidated home of the As — and no, there’s no “m” at the end of the name), they had cotton candy in yellow and green. Team colors, don’tcha know.

    I hesitate to speculate on the possible effects of yellow and green coloring agents on the inevitable result of eating too much cotton candy.

    I post this in the hope that it *will* jinx the As, who just broke a four game losing streak by jumping on the Mariners for five runs in the first inning. Feh!

  2. No jinx on the Giants, so far, although we are still in the 7th inning. And A’s returned home from a four-game sweep at the hands of the Angels to beat Seattle convincingly. Was out at the (dilapitated home of the A’s, which as you may remember has no “m” at the end of the name). It was a beautiful day for a game and A’s picked up a half game in a steep uphill climb. There was cotton candy all around. Way too colorful and sweet.

    • I was glad to see that Jason Hammel pitched well today. But, I’m still pretty sore at the A’s for the way their fans treated Jim Johnson during his brief time there. (It all goes back to the don’t-boo-your-players thing.) And, there’s that bit of bad blood the cropped up between the A’s and O’s this season (the Battle of the Vowels).

      And, oh dear … I may have jinxed the Giants afterall. Oops. I didn’t think jinxes could travel so far …

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