Free Baseball: 1-2-3 Edition

One A’s pitcher – and former UVa Hoo — tells us about life on the DL.

Two Dodger’s pitchers you may have heard of.

And, three home runs – a dinger, a moon shot, and a slam – from a Met.

Here’s your Free Baseball* 1-2-3 Edition.

1. Doolittle on Doolittle

Sean Doolittle, Oakland A’s reliever, former University of Virginia Hoo, and native South Dakotan (that’s the fancy-pants Dakota), has spent much of this season on the disabled list.

But, he’s been checking in on Twitter …

And, his heartfelt piece on this week about life on the DL is a must-read – for baseball fans, of course, but also for anyone who has had to heal from a serious injury and has had to battle to get back the life their injury took away.

doolittle column

“I’ve found that in this game, all you can ask for is a chance,” he writes. Read here.

2. McCarthy on Greinke & Kershaw

Technically that’s three Dodger’s pitchers, but Brandon McCarthy is writing specifically about Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw, and his piece this week on helps explain why they are two of the best pitchers in the world and we are not.

mccarthy guest columnist

Read here.

McCarthy, another pitcher who has spent much of this season on the DL, is a pretty sassy tweeter, too …

3. Yoenis Cespedes

I just wanted to see if I could spell Yoenis Cespedes without checking my work.  (Answer: Yes, I can. But, thank you, spell check for helpfully suggesting “Yemenis Cesspits,” anyway.)

Last night, the brand new New York Met, traded from the Tigers just a couple weeks ago, came through with three home runs against Colorado – a solo homer, a two-run homer, and a grand slam. If he could have mustered up a three-run shot, he would have hit for the Home Run Cycle. I’m not even sure that’s a thing.

That added up to seven RBI … and I believe he snuck a stolen base in there, too.

yoenis homers video

It was, he said, “the best night I have ever had.”

Watch here.

There you go … 1-2-3.


* Free Baseball refers to extra innings that come after a nine-inning game ends in a tie. Here it’s the extra things that don’t quite fit into my regular-sized posts.


12 thoughts on “Free Baseball: 1-2-3 Edition

  1. I’ve heard of the mythological home run cycle so I thought I’d check it out. Nobody in MLB has hit one, and only one MiLBer is known to have hit one: Tyrone Horne, in 1999 while playing for AA Reading. He bounced around the minors for 13 seasons, had a total of 144 dingers and a slash line of .288/.323/.451. He never made it to the show.

    • Thanks for checking this out. How about that! There have been so many odd things in baseball, I’m sort of surprised that the home run cycle hasn’t happened once. But, I see that Yoenis Cespedes isn’t alone in the one homer shy of a cycle category, it happens from time to time (A-Rod, Andrew McCutchen, and Shin-Soo Choo are just a few of the many players who were just one homerun shy. And, J.D. Martinez of the Tigers did it just this past June. He was missing the grand slam. That one slipped right by me.

  2. Enjoying your blog until you hit the 3rd point on the guy from the Mets. We don’t speak his name here, let alone spell it out (!!) – as we are still dealing with him this weekend. BTW we need pitching!! But I will point out that in the Sunday game last week our pitcher went for the first time this year a whole game without back ups! First time this year for anyone on the team- but then his next time out was last night’s debacle. Sigh!! We always have next year, right?!

    • I feel your pain … the O’s need some pitching, too. And, some hitting. The fielding is getting a little sloppy as well … and that’s supposed to be our strong suit. I haven’t given up the season yet, but it’s no fun to have the Twins and now the Royals stomp on us. Stay strong, Sharon … it’s almost time for me to decide what non-baseball book to read during the off-season! :)

        • I’ve discovered that even non-baseball books ARE baseball books. Last winter I read War & Peace (truly, one of the best books ever) and found the parallels between one of the main characters — Nicholas — and the free agent saga of Nick Markakis unfolding at the same time. Also, I’m certain that Napoleon would have been a lousy manager … he would have overworked his starters before the All-Star break and when they finally broke, down he would blow out his bullpen. He would have been terrible.

      • I am thrilled the Royals are doing well – they were lousy the 10 years we lived there! I agree the post season is looking grim and predetermined already! As for books – I read alot but haven’t run into a baseball book yet! :)

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