My Metropolitan Dumpling

I may be an Orioles fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate other teams and other players.

(Hey, not so fast there, Toronto Blue Jays. I didn’t mean you.)

I’ve made no secret that 42-year-old New York Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon is my little dumpling. Like here.

First, he’s 42. (I remember being 42. I promise you, it wasn’t that long ago.) He’s also pitched 170 innings this season which is more than any of the much-younger Orioles starters has done.

Second, he is built like a dumpling. His stats will tell you he is 5’11” and 265 pounds, but really, who knows?

Third, he doesn’t care what you think.

Fourth, he makes the occasional crazy play like this …

And, that is definitely worth a tip of the cap from me.

P.S. According to Associated Press, Colon is the first pitcher, in “at least” the past 100 years, to beat the same opponent while playing with seven different teams. (The seven teams: Indians, White Sox, Angels, Red Sox, Yankees, A’s, Mets.) The team that Colon beats … over and over again, no matter what team he plays for? The Orioles, of course. (Because, why else would I even mention this?)

10 thoughts on “My Metropolitan Dumpling

    • According to Associated Press, Bartolo Colon is the first major leaguer (“in at least 100 years” which is AP speak for, “they don’t pay me enough to look any further back”) to beat the same opponent while playing for seven different teams. Bartolo’s hapless opponent? The Baltimore Orioles.

      Sigh. But, he’s still my little dumpling! (I just hope he stays in the National League!)

  1. It’s a bit strange to see Montreal baseball fans revive and the surging Blue Jays be the reason. Usually the rivalry between Montreal and Toronto is heavy. Oh well, It may work in our favor with MLB opening their eyes a little bit towards Montreal.

    I’m curious why you don’t like the Blue Jays. Is it because they share a bird mascot like the Orioles and complete in the AL East or is there something else about the team that irks you?

    • I think it’s just that good old-fashioned rivalry between the Jays and O’s. Baltimore vendors did a brisk business in “Cito Sucks” tee-shirts back in the 1990s when Cito Gaston managed the Jays … and it’s just continued from there. “Cito Sucks” actually started the year Gaston managed the All-Star game in ’93 which was played in Baltimore and he named 4 additional Jays to the roster and then refused to let the O’s All-Star — Mike Mussina — pitch, even though the game was a blow-out and it was the polite thing to do. It was just Cito’s way of sticking it to the Orioles and really formalized the dislike between the 2 teams. He later said he “feared” for his life when the Jays next played in Baltimore. It’s one of those Baltimore grudges that will probably never die. (But, the “feared” for his life thing was just bush.)

      I know there’s no love lost between some of the players today. And, I’m still alittle sore about the time a couple season’s ago when Toronto fans threw their beer cups at the O’s right fielder Nate McLouth. O’s fans can be gritty, tough, vulgar and drunk at games, but they generally don’t throw more than witty insults at visiting outfielders.

      Plus, the Blue Jays had just squishy-trounced the O’s when I wrote that post last week … I was still a little wounded. I meant no offense to all my Canadian friends, because any country that brings nanaimo bars to the world is alright in my book.

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