“Bartolo Has Done It … The Impossible Has Happened!”

We live in a weird world.

I don’t even have to explain that thought, do I? You’ve already run with it in your head. Weird politics. Weird weather. Weird AL East standings.

al east standings

Look who’s first!

Weird weirdness all the way “wround.”

But then, Mets’ starting pitcher Bartolo Colon, known on this blog as My Metropolitan Dumpling, does something beyond weird. He does something extraordinary. He does something that no other ballplayer has ever done.

Last night, at age 42, he became the oldest major leaguer to hit his very first home run.

It was real and it was spectacular.

“Bartolo has done it! The impossible has happened!”

Just when you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket which means … I don’t even know what that means …

But, here. Let’s watch it again in Spanish.

“Hasta la vista, baby!”

That home run trot took some 30 seconds. He earned every slow, savoring step of it.

Colon, a career .092 hitter, will be 43 on May 24. He’s a fun and joyful presence whenever he plays. (He almost makes me think the designated hitter rule was a mistake after all.)

Bartolo Colon, my Metropolitan dumpling, hit a home run last night.

It just sounds right, doesn’t it?

Maybe this world is going to be ok after all.

Or, maybe not. But, at least we can watch this over and over again until it is.


16 thoughts on ““Bartolo Has Done It … The Impossible Has Happened!”

  1. I also love the ‘nickname’ you gave him – but when your light shines – it sure shines bright! and thanks for letting us know of his grand achievement! It was special! I hope he got the ball, bat and anything else he had on stored in a special place! The HOF will want it, right?!

    • Sharon … I bet you’re right … I bet the HOF was on the phone to the Mets within minutes of the home run. That home run will stand the test of time, I’m sure! :)

      The Orioles had six home runs yesterday (including a grand slam) which was pretty exciting, but my Dumpling’s clout was quite a beaut wasn’t it?

  2. Love that you post Spanish language call of his home run here, Madame Bloggess, and seeing the way his teammates punked him by disappearing into the tunnel before he got back to the dugout. Ain’t baseball grand?

  3. After living out of the country for the last 16 years and not having a TV, I don’t think I’ve even ever heard of your dumpling. But that’s a very cool moment for baseball, thanks for sharing it. And yay! Orioles in first place! Always like when that happens, even from here.

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