Dear Yoga. Thank You. Signed, Baltimore Orioles.

the only thing missing is you

When I’m not at the ballpark, you can often find me here … in my Yoga studio in Orange, Virginia. (Sorry, still haven’t figured out how to take a selfie.)

As I began my fifth year of “bloggessing” yesterday, the Baltimore Orioles finished their three-game sweep of the Cleveland Indians, ensuring one more night of sweet dreams atop the AL East.

AL East Standings

Look! It’s the Orioles!

Stay with me. This Bloggess Public Service Announcement will take only a few seconds of your time …

Yesterday. Orioles and Indians. Bottom of the 9th  Tied at 3.

One man on base, two outs. Orioles outfielder Nolan Reimold comes in to pinch hit. Yes, the O’s were pinning their hopes on someone who hadn’t even played that day. He doesn’t get many chances to play at all, really.

And, this happened …

Two-run walk-off home run.

Game over. Orioles win.

How can a player come in, tamp down the stress, focus, and crush a baseball like that?

Let Nolan’s wife Jenny explain:

The moral of the story ….

Yoga cannot guarantee that you will hit a walk-off home run for your team.  But, if Yoga helps Nolan Reimold perform at the highest level … along with scores of other big leaguers who rely on Yoga every day to keep them strong, toned, mentally focused, steady, and flexible … imagine what it could do for you.


If you’ve got an hour, I’ve got the mats.  (And, if you’re not nearby, I’m sure there’s a Yoga studio near you … and they’ll have a mat you can borrow.)

19 thoughts on “Dear Yoga. Thank You. Signed, Baltimore Orioles.

  1. Appears I have a whole lota yoga to take up in the next 3 days! Best of luck Orioles – the Rockies just had a 4 game sweep of the Braves – we are ready for ya!
    May the teams have a great set of games and FUN! Bunting, clean up – whatever it takes! :)

    • The Orioles have two “secret weapons” ready for the Rockies this week … 1) Nolan Reimold’s Yoga practice and 2) several days of oppressive, exhausting, miserable heat and humidity in the 100-degree range. (Needless to say, I’ll be watching the games from the air-conditioned comfort of home!) Here’s to a fun inter-league series! :)

      • Me too ( at home in the ac) tho we can match your heat, not the humidity- tho for us it was high in the 50 to 60% range. As for secret weapons – my lips are sealed! Tee hee

  2. Amen, Roar from 34! All the smart ones around the MLB are already doing it : )
    like one time Oriole, Jake Arrieta. Thanks Jackie for bringing to light all the rich connections between baseball and yoga. They are never ending!

    • Mike, I’m giving you half-credit for Yoga Wii. Actually a friend of mine gave me her entire Wii system not too long ago and, with the exception of one gone-horribly-wrong pose, the Yoga section is pretty spot-on. (But, not as much fun as a lot of the other games!)

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