Stevie. BFF.

It’s really no surprise that the first national recognition I ever received on this blog was for a post that also included the first photo of our cat Stevie.

Stevie Dew

 Stevie, in 2012, illustrating how Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) can come in different forms.

She was a stray, not-quite-feral cat who turned up in our barn five years ago and quickly moved in.

stevie votes

The second time my blog received national recognition, there was Stevie again. This time, in 2013, showing how cheaters have manipulated All-Star Game balloting. 

I had not only a friend, but an excellent Baseball Bloggess co-pilot.

She came along as I read War & Peace a few off-seasons ago …

Stevie Reads War And Peace

She wrongly picked the Atlanta Braves to win the 2015 World Series …

stevie says 2015

She complained about the very few cats featured in the annual Baltimore Orioles “Pet” calendar … Stevie & Jim Johnson

And, sometimes she was plunked into a post for no reason, other than she was just so damn cute …

stevie relaxing

She was one of the sweetest, friendliest, purringest cats I’ve ever known. (And, I’ve known a lot of cats.)

She was my BFF.

She got along with the other cats in the house. She was a “no drama” kitty.

She didn’t mind people and wasn’t one of those run-and-hide-in-the-box-springs cats when strangers walked in.

She got sick a couple days ago, although it was hard to tell because she kept purring and carrying on with her regular routine. She slept every night right next to my head. Just like always. She purred.

But, her favorite thing in the world was a meal (she was pretty starved when she turned up at our house those years ago, so it was no wonder that she delighted in a bowl of food more than anything else).  And, when she stopped eating we knew that something was wrong.

It was. And, yesterday we had to say goodbye.

Someone once commented on one of my posts that I should change the name of my blog from The Baseball Bloggess to something more general, so I could write about other things.

They didn’t understand. The Baseball Bloggess can write about whatever she wants.

And, today she wants to write about Stevie.




37 thoughts on “Stevie. BFF.

  1. This was a wonderful tribute to Stevie and your grief is palpable to me. I am so very sorry for you loss and I know how much you and Randy loved all of your kitties. She had a wonderful life because of you. She will always be in your hearts and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if another kitty in need of a loving home shows up at your door step…they always seem to know where the good people live.

    • Thanks, Sandi. When the 3 feral kittens that were born out in our corral moved in over the winter, I hoped they would take Stevie into their “tribe”. And, they did. She was such a friendly cat … got along with everyone. I’m going to miss her.

  2. Oh, jeez. So very sorry to hear this. It sounds like Stevie was a class act from whiskers to tail. Even those of us who never met her are going to miss her.

    Hang in there–and don’t be surprised if you feel an invisible cat jumping onto the bed just as you’re falling asleep. It’ll be Stevie, dropping by to check up on you.

  3. Oh no … sending you my sincerest condolences. To have a best friend like Stevie is one of the brightest points in life and I’m glad you were brought together. I hope the sweet memories take some of the pain from today.

    • thank you … My mom really loved her animals too and she once told me to never have a pet, because they would just break your heart when they died. Of course, she also told me that I should always have a pet because they were the best friend that you could always count on. Mom gave good advice, but I wouldn’t say it was always consistent in her wisdom. In any event, my heart has a big Stevie-sized hole in it right now. But, your kind words remind me how lucky we were to have five good years together.

  4. So sorry to hear this. We have cats of our own and it’s awful to see them go. I’ve always figured this idea that “animals have no souls” is a bunch of nonsense. In point of fact they frequently have more than people.
    I’ve always pictured God sitting on his throne and having a cat in his lap. Maybe yours is the latest.
    RIP, Stevie, and condolences Bloggess.

  5. :'( Casey told me this morning — so sorry to hear it! Losing a fuzz-buddy is always hard — especially one as charming as Stevie!

  6. She sounds like a cat I even might’ve liked! 😊

    It’s so hard to lose your BFF. I lost mine a few years ago, and still feel that piece of my heart is missing. I find peace in the memories and love she left behind for me. I hope that one day you will find this too. It’s hard and takes a long time. Go at your own speed. Sending hugs.

    • Thank you, Lila. Someone wrote a note to me yesterday that said, “When they come to you, they need you. But, then, you need them.” I thought that really does sum it up. My heart is sad. But, you are right … we keep the warm memories and the love they gave us. And, we are blessed to have the time we did.

  7. Jackie,

    I am so very sorry about Stevie. Please share my condolences with Randy. As you know, I lost my husband in June but I also lost my 15 year old dog/buddy/walking companion 2 months before that. I know what a huge hole you have in your hearts, but hopefully having other furry friends helps to soften the blow. I’d have liked to meet to Stevie. She was a beauty and looked really special.

    • Thank you, Nancy. You have been in our hearts. Yes, I have a Stevie-sized hole in my heart. Our animals become such loyal and loving friends, don’t they? We still have one cat who is about 20+, and then 3 young ones who came when a feral cat had a litter in our corral a year ago. Stevie was the alpha cat and peacemaker in the house … I’m afraid we’re in for some wild kitten chaos from the three little ones now that she’s gone. But, hopefully Stevie taught them a few things before she left.

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  9. Aww, I am sorry you had to say goodbye to such a special friend. Stevie sounds like a pretty cool customer–each of you was lucky to have found the other. I am sorry for your loss, I really am.

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