The Week In Review … (kinda, sorta)

This week has not been the best for The Baseball Bloggess.

A flat tire on Tuesday resulted in four new tires on Wednesday. (Followed by a brand new flat in one of the brand new tires just a few hours ago. That’s not the way these things are supposed to work, you know.)

Tuesday morning.

Sunday morning.

A cold shower on Friday morning resulted in a new hot water heater on Friday afternoon.

A frizzled-out 6-year-old cell phone that started to die last Monday resulted in a brand new much-smarter phone on Saturday that seems, for its steep price tag, to simply offer me the ability to now send cat emojis to people in text messages.

I’m sure that there’s more to the phone than just emojis, and if I were 23, I’m sure I would figure it out.  But, I’m probably good with just the emojis.

The front burner on our stove stopped working – just stopped – a few minutes ago. I suppose that’s going to cost something, too.

Oh, and our tax man is in the hospital (with our tax forms) and Editor/Husband just got a $33,000 bill in the mail from the hospital for a visit his mother made that the insurance company doesn’t seem inclined to help with.

This is not to complain … well, not too much. And, don’t tell me about Mercury being in double retrograde. Things break every day and it just seems that we were due.

Sure, you could argue that Editor/Husband’s leg/hip also broke when Mercury was retrograde back in January. You could argue that … but you’re not helping anything if you do.

That about covers the week.

Oh, wait. Yesterday.

Baltimore Orioles reliever Tyler Wilson gave up a meatball of a pitch in the bottom of the 9th to give the Toronto Blue Jays a walk-off home run and their second win of the season.

Embed from Getty Images

Coulda been this one.

Or, as Jim Palmer described it …

That pitch came just a few hours after – seriously, I am not making this up – Tyler’s brother and University of Virginia reliever Riley Wilson gave up a similar meatball of a pitch in the 8th to give the Virginia Tech Hokies a three-run homer and their first win against Virginia since 2015.

© The Baseball Bloggess

Riley Wilson. Virginia vs. Niagara in March.

Where did all the happy go?

Like last Sunday …

© The Baseball Bloggess

Virginia celebrates a home run by Caleb Knight in a win over Pitt on April 9.

Things have to start looking up again.

Oh look … they have!

Today’s Charlottesville Daily Progress informed me of this …

This can only mean great things for our Tom Tom …

Look how excited he is!

Mookie, on the other hand …

… is more impressed with the skink on the other side of the patio screen.

So there you go.

Sure, that $25K is going to Charlottesville’s annual Tom Tom Festival, but can’t a cat dream?

And, anyway …

There’s baseball today. It’s sunny outside.  It’s gonna be ok.

Or, as my new phone would say …

19 thoughts on “The Week In Review … (kinda, sorta)

  1. Not to mention that, last night’s loss notwithstanding, the Orioles still have the best record in baseball.

    And nothing beats a brand new water heater for putting a warm glow in your heart–or at least on your skin. Trust me, I speak from recent experience here.

  2. Well, no rewind on that week for a bit!
    We did that last July…our 4th stove in 10 years died, followed by every kitchen appliance in giant box size…and those new ones all had issues. It was our summer of appliance 💩. The rut that won’t go away!
    Rockies are holding their own after a week with the Padres owning us. Taking that and moving into next week!

  3. After reading the blog and the comments, I’m almost afraid to take a shower or turn on the stove. But life and baseball will keep happening, so I guess I’ll just take my chances. (If that’s Tom Tom being excited, what does he look like when he’s calm?)

  4. I’m sorry everything is broken/breaking, but you have a gift for making it seem not so bad. You completely win the glass half full award this week! Nothing else can go flat now for a good while, right?

  5. Wow. What a crappy series of events! I do happen to know a great appliance guy who could definitely help you out with your stove. Dunaway Appliance Service out Orange (672-2440) gets my recommendation. He is an all-around good guy who won’t rip you off.

    See you in yoga!


    • Awww … in the scheme of things, I have a few things that went wrong, but I could write a much, much longer post about all the things that DIDN’T go wrong last week. These are more annoyances than anything (although my credit card is going to be annoyed for awhile!) But, among the not-bad things: the O’s are still first in the AL East!

      And, don’t forget what Babe Ruth once said, “That last strike just got me one pitch closer to my next home run.” :)

  6. It seems that crap always happens at once! I’ll definitely keep you all in my prayers that things will start looking up! A day at the ballpark can fix many things (unless you can’t make it to the ballpark…) All the best.

    • Thanks Mike … the one bum tire has been replaced with another brand new tire (which they replaced at no charge), so we’ll be off to Davenport Field to a UVA game soon! In the scheme of things, these are all crummy things, but they all can be fixed, including the Wilson brothers’ pitching. But, hopefully, I’ve done my quota of “crappy” for the month … smooth sailing from here, right? :)

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