Our Season In The Blue Seats (part 1)

Editor/Husband broke his leg on New Year’s Day.

You might think that this was a terrible thing and it was. Not for me, of course, but for him. It was a lousy thing to happen.

But, look at the bright side.

His bum leg wasn’t ready for steep steps. And, our season tickets for University of Virginia baseball are out in the bleachers and up some very steep steps. We had to figure this out. Because I don’t care whose leg is broken, we’re not missing baseball.

So before nearly every home game this season I stood in line at the ticket window – sometimes for nearly an hour – in the hopes of upgrading that day’s tickets to closer-in seats that would be an easier commute for Limpy.

Those close-in seats are the ones that fans like us, with our bleacher tickets, dream about.

The blue seats.

Real seats with sturdy backs, not the long backless benches that line the rest of the park. When you’re in the blue seats you can put your bottle of water beside your feet and not worry that someone will accidentally kick it into the opening in the bleacher floor where it will disappear into the abyss.

The shady, no-rain-here blue seats. Just a few steps from real bathrooms – kept toasty warm on cold nights – and the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cart. Ice cream!

Baseball heaven, those blue seats.

Bleacher fans like us have been on the waiting list for those blue seats for years, waiting for the call that says, “Would you like to move to a luxurious blue seat in the shade?” Davenport Field isn’t that big and the call never comes. But, sometimes those blue seat people turn their tickets back in for games they can’t attend. And, if you’re willing to wait in line before the game, you might snag one.

And, this season we did. Every time.

Over the course of the season, we sat all over in the coveted blue seats – first base side, third base side, next to the dugouts, behind home plate. It was wonderful.

Seriously. They let us sit here.

(Please don’t make me go back to the bleachers.)

The last regular season home game of the season was Tuesday.

I can’t capture action shots with my camera, I’m hopeless that way, so I have to look for other things. And, the protective netting is always getting in the way. I can’t get the shutter right and by twilight I can’t shoot at all. And, tell me again what the ISO is?

Here’s our season in the Blue Seats.

(P.S. UVa will be renovating Davenport Field during this off-season and extending the blue seat section. It looks wonderful. Dear Baseball, Please save two blue seats for Editor/Husband and me.)

Baseball’s not over for Virginia. Not yet. There’s one more away game and then the post-season. This post’s not over either … more life in the blue seats tomorrow.

Part 2 is even better — action! It’s here: Our Season In The Blue Seats (part 2)

And, Part 3 — my favorites. It’s here: Our Season In The Blue Seats (part 3)

Photos: 2017 season. University of Virginia, Davenport Field, Charlottesville, Virginia © The Baseball Bloggess

18 thoughts on “Our Season In The Blue Seats (part 1)

  1. You go bleacher fan!! Pictures are really good. Maybe with the expansion of the blue seats you will snag 2 😃

  2. Those blue seats look positively comfy! I’m going to start visualizing you and, by now non-Limpy, Editor/husband in those sweet seats every time. I’ve been told that if you can see an event in your mind there’s a good chance it will happen that way. Can’t hurt to try.

    • The Hoo’s won their 40th game of the season last night … but their 2 best starting pitchers — Haseley and Murdock — are hurting (and both missed their starts in this series). But, hopefully, a few days off will make all the difference. Wahoowah!

  3. … and Ben & Jerry’s?! Criminey, that’s just not fair.
    Here’s hoping all the dedication, doggedness and patience you’ve shown, standing in line hoping for an upgrade, will be rewarded and soon bless you with two blues.

    • Well, to be fair, anyone can enjoy the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cart … but from our regular home in the bleachers it’s a pretty long walk. On a hot day, that Cherry Garcia will be melting all the way down your elbow, onto your shorts, down your leg and into your sock before you get back to the bleachers. Maybe I’m exaggerating.

  4. Blue seats rule! Ever hopeful they will be yours soon! Personally when you see the seats with cushions on them – I think DELUXE Seating! then I think HOT! Best of luck to UVA!

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