Our Season In The Blue Seats (part 2)

I’m the person you meet at a party who wants to show you a picture on her phone and then as she’s sweeping through hundreds of them she stops to show you a bunch of unrelated ones that have made her nostalgic (well, as nostalgic as a picture from 2013 can make one). She ultimately forgets the one she was looking for in the first place, which is ok, because one more tiny picture from last summer’s family reunion filled with people you don’t know is going to end the friendship.

Just a few more pics from our season in baseball’s blue seats at the University of Virginia. I promise it won’t take long.

(What? You missed ‘Part One’? Poor dear. Start here.)

Today’s theme – ACTION!

My camera doesn’t catch much action at the game. Blame the camera. (All of these photos were shot through the protective netting.)

Sure, I missed catcher Caleb Knight’s homerun swing, but I did get Virginia’s celebration in a game versus Pittsburgh.

The umpire tidies up. (See? He’s sweeping. Action.)

Things weren’t going well for Virginia in this game versus Miami a week ago.

Next season’s goal? Get all of Noah Murdock’s spindly 6’8” frame in the shot.

The Washington National’s mascots, The Racing Presidents, stop by a UVa game every season. They raced around the field between innings and Thomas Jefferson won (which he does every year when he’s here running on his “home” field).  Yeh, I didn’t catch that.

But, here they are walking …

And, here’s George Washington sitting …

You might say the best photo of a pop fly would be the pop fly. Sure, you might say that just to make me feel bad. But, I’m no Walter Iooss, so all I captured is this reaction from the dugout.

Here’s stocky Virginia catcher Caleb Knight again, sliding into home to score the other day. He’d pretty much slid entirely out of the frame by the time I focused through the netting.

But, look! You can still see his head.

Which is more than you can see from this shot from pre-game fielding practice earlier that day.

Yeh, I know it’s blurry. That just shows you how super-fast Virginia shortstop Ernie Clement runs during warm-ups. Or, how super-fast Virginia third baseman Nate Eikoff runs. It’s Ernie. Or, Nate. Probably, Nate.  Or, first baseman Pavin Smith. Could be him. To be honest, I’m not sure who that is, but look how fast he’s going!

(P.S. Virginia closes out the regular season at Georgia Tech this weekend … the ACC tournament starts in Louisville on May 23… and then, hopefully, Charlottesville will host an NCAA regional tournament when we will, once again, be back in the bleachers with all our bleacher friends.)

Season’s not over and neither is this. I’ll have my favorite photos from our season in the blue seats for you tomorrow … (I bet you can’t wait!)

Photos: 2017 season. University of Virginia, Davenport Field, Charlottesville, Virginia © The Baseball Bloggess

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12 thoughts on “Our Season In The Blue Seats (part 2)

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  2. Another fun blog today! Thanks for the ‘outtakes’ as well as the great shots! The outtakes are the fun ones that remind us we have another shot at getting it right again! Cheers!

    • Thanks Gloria … yes, I’ll definitely have my camera if Virginia hosts the regionals, but we’ll definitely be out in the bleachers for those games. The NCAA controls a lot of the tickets for post-season play which means no upgrading tickets, etc. But, that’s ok … because I’m pretty sure “Limpy” is ready for the bleacher steps. :)

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  4. God, I love these – they’re brilliant. The Noah Murdock photo fascinates me. That thin ankle supporting and pivoting that much body is pretty amazing.

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