Listen … It’s Babe Ruth!

via National Public Radio

That’s A Home Run Swing From Babe Ruth

Look, I’d love to sit down and write you a long blog post this morning. Really, I would. But, you wouldn’t read it anyway, because, as we learned in my last post, no one reads things anymore.

Babe Ruth, apparently, was on to this “I’m never reading words again” thing the internet has cooked up. So, perfectly timed to coincide with the death of the written word, a long-lost radio interview with Ruth has shown up.

No reading required. Just listening. To Babe Ruth.

The interview was part of an Armed Services Radio Network program recorded during World War II. It turned up recently in a school archive in Connecticut.

What did Ruth think of fastballs?

“Well, I just loved ’em.”

And, “slow balls.” Slow balls!

Hearing Babe Ruth, in his own words, in his own voice, is a treat. Awesomeness.

National Public Radio had the story a few days ago.  It’s worth a listen. (And, you’ll discover that Babe pronounces Baltimore, his hometown, “Bald-EE-more.”)

Here’s the link:

Long-Lost Babe Ruth Interview Discovered In Prep School Archives

17 thoughts on “Listen … It’s Babe Ruth!

  1. That was interesting…I enjoyed his voice, most snips of conversations are gritty sounding and this was not. The details…incredible. And what is a snowplow?

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