Two Games. In 2018. In The Middle Of Virginia.

Charlottesville, Virginia. Saturday Night. 88 Degrees At Gametime.

I appreciate all you photographers who come out to ballgames with your fancy cameras and your lenses that weigh more than my cat.

Do These Cookbooks Make Me Look Fat?

I like the way your photos are all alive with action … with kicked-up dust and the satisfying blurless smack of bat against ball. You’re always in the exact right place at the exact right time to catch the pick off with its ball-into-glove-into-face-of-player-diving-dirt-side-down-into-the-bag action-packedness.

If I sound a little jealous … well …

I can’t do that.

Chain link fences and nets get in my way.

I’d screw it up anyway.

I suck at this picture-taking thing.

Can I document two games in Charlottesville, Virginia without actually showing the game?

Probably not. But, here we go anyway.

“Established and Chartered in 1897.”

Virginia’s Valley League, a wooden bat College Summer League, is starting to wind down. After a few rain outs, followed by more rain outs, the season ends toward the end of the month and already players have peeled off to head back to school.

On Friday, the Charlottesville Tom Sox played the Staunton Braves. (Braves won 3-1.)

On Saturday, the Tom Sox played the Waynesboro Generals. (Tom Sox won 11-1.)

You can’t tell any of that from these photos. But, since I’ve already told you the score … you’re right up to speed.

Maybe you were watching the game, standing in line for ice cream, or roaming under the bleachers in search of a lost foul ball.

Here’s what I saw between the pitches.

Shortstops Need Their Rest.

It’s Editor/Husband! Still Repping The O’s.

“Action” In The Tom Sox Bullpen.

Mascot Alert!

Shortstops (Still) Need Their Rest. 

(To be fair, maybe Waynesboro’s shortstop was under the weather, but he played most of the game anyway.)

Also needing rest …

… Mascots On Hot, Humid Virginia Nights.

Rally Chickens Are A Baseball Tradition. But, The Tom Sox Were Up 8-0. So, You Tell Me.

I Saved My Favorite For Last .. 

Photographs: Charlottesville Tom Sox at C’Ville Weekly Field, Charlottesville, Virginia. July 13 and 14, 2018. © The Baseball Bloggess

11 thoughts on “Two Games. In 2018. In The Middle Of Virginia.

  1. Perfect. Sometimes you have to go back to the basics…why do I love baseball. This sums it all up for me. Summer, green grass, time off, gloves, bats, balls and family.⚾❤

    • You ask a very good question … but with the long pants, who’s to know? I have seen the Tom Sox in navy blue socks. Since the Red Sox wear red socks and the White Sox wear white socks, I can only suggest that the Tom Sox wear tom socks whatever that color is! 😆

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