Let’s Wrap This Up. (Plus, My Baseball Experts Were Awesome.)

I’ll be brief. (Brief-ish.)

Baseball Is Shorter Than You Think.

For those who believe that baseball games are too long, I have a gift for you … the postseason was shorter than it could have been.

Each World Series team takes a percentage of the profits from the games they play, which means that following this five-but-coulda-been-seven game Series, the Red Sox and Dodgers are each a little poorer this morning than they could have been had only the Dodgers been a little better and the Red Sox a little weaker.

And, while Game 3 took 18 innings, seven hours and 20 minutes, and was the longest game in World Series history, baseball still ended three days early. (I guess some of you “it’s too long” whiners are happy about that.)

Hooray For “Little Yankee.”

“You people have a little pet name for everybody.”

Whether he played for the Orioles (in stints over five seasons), the Rays, the Blue Jays, or the Red Sox, we always call Steve Pearce “Little Yankee.”

He played only 12 games for the Yankees before coming to the Orioles in 2013 for his second stint with the Os. Twice he was waived by the Yankees and picked up by the Orioles. Editor/Husband and I have called him “Little Yankee” ever since.

Maybe because he was the guy who could hit home runs right when you needed them, just like Babe Ruth.

Or, maybe because he is spark-pluggy “little” by baseball standards (5’11”).

It is a term of endearment.

We never root against him. And, we always knew he was better than his nomadic team-to-team-to-team-to-team wanderings would look on a resume.

Little Yankee was named the MVP of the World Series, following two home runs last night and, all told, going 4-for-12 in the Series and knocking in 12 runs.

Downright Ruthian.

Last night, after winning the Series, accepting the new truck that goes to the MVP, and enjoying the superstar attention that has eluded him up until this October, Pearce said, “This has been the funnest year of my life.”

And, I was happy for him. But, like a girl who was dumped at the prom for the prettier girl who runs with the better, faster crowd, I was sad, too. It shoulda been us, Little Yankee. It shoulda been us.



Did you know that the Baltimore Orioles lost 115 games and finished the season 61 games out of first in the AL East?

How could you not? It was right up there on the Fenway scoreboard every time an outfielder made an amazing play this postseason …

Embed from Getty Images


Yeh, nice catch, Andrew Benintendi. Thanks for rubbing it in.

My Experts Are Better Than Your Experts.

I promise cookies to any of my baseball “experts” who, in March, correctly predict postseason teams.

Their reasoning for choosing the teams they choose runs the gamut from “they are a good team” to “I have a friend who likes them” to “it was entirely random and I’m in it only for the cookies.”

Last spring, the crack team of highly paid experts at Sports Illustrated chose the Nationals to defeat the Yankees in the 2018 World Series.

My far crackier team of experts chose the Colorado Rockies.

Here’s a fun fact. The Rockies played in the postseason. The Nationals? Let’s haiku it  …

Played in postseason?

The Colorado Rockies.

Not the Nationals.

I let my experts pick division winners, wild cards, and the teams that will go to the Series. I let my cat pick the winner.

(Sorry, Mookie Wilson-Betts. No cookies for you.)

Congratulations to Colleen, who chose the Dodgers to win the NL West.

Congratulations to Debbie’s iPhone which chose the Rockies to win the NL Wild Card.

Why aren’t there 15 NL teams? Because my experts had already chosen the three division winners. Siri chose the Wild Card from the remaining available teams. 

Congratulations to Eli who chose the Indians to win the AL Central. Every team of experts needs a “ringer” and Eli was mine. He plays baseball and knows way more about baseball than all my other experts combined.

And, congratulations to my Google Assistant which chose the Red Sox to win the AL Wild Card (which they didn’t, but they were in the postseason so congratulations are still in order).

And, yes, there were cookies. And, brownies, too.

Eli may, or may not, have shared his cookies and brownies with his family, including his blogging mom Wendy.

Baseball Is Over.

And, while I’m relieved that the Orioles can no longer lose game 116 … 117 … 118 … 119 … (you get the picture, right?) … I’m still a little sad that the season is done.

Congratulations to the Red Sox. (At least you’re not the Yankees.)

And, congratulations to MVP Little Yankee. (I wish you were still an O.)

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24 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap This Up. (Plus, My Baseball Experts Were Awesome.)

  1. I don’t suppose your Orioles could use a lefty pitcher whose pretty fair in the regular season and a disaster in the postseason could they? It seems my Dodgers happen to have one.

  2. Well, it was a short WS and I didn’t stay up to watch the end of that 18-inning marathon. Now it’s time to get out the long-johns and wait for the robins to return in the spring (oops, I meant to say the Orioles). I share your feelings — at least it wasn’t the Yankees.

  3. I love your summary of the post season. Looks like many teams could have used Mr. Little Yankee…missed opportunities! And now for our long winter’s nap.

  4. I think all of us who root for the losers of MLB are consoling ourselves with “at least it wasn’t the Yankees.” Manny would a great fit for them. Loved that swing he had to end the series.

  5. Thanks for your summation, Bloggess. And congratulations to your experts! I am happy for all the “once upon a time” O’s (& Twins) who were able to participate, and yes, excel in the postseason of what was a remarkable (remarks often unprintable) year of baseball. My own participation ended with the naming of the 2 finalists- I’m trying to remember if there has been another year where I didn’t watch a single inning of the Series. On the plus, plus side, I was able to visit Cooperstown and also Pittsburgh, a trip which was a comfort to both heart and soul. I trust that will sustain me as we head into the Void between now and the day when pitchers and catchers report. And I know I am not alone— “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” — Rogers Hornsby

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  7. Kudos to Pearce, not the Red Sox player who you would have expected to have such a terrific pair of games at the plate. I thought 108 wins might catch up, but Boston was as deep as their home runs in Game 5. Counting preseason and postseason, the BoSox record was 136-59, a winning percentage of about 70%. The Twins have Rocco at the helm, have not picked up options on Morrison and Santana. How would you like Miguel Sano playing third base for the Os?

  8. Great stuff. What a surprising MVP huh? Pearce was amazing. Sounds like you have some experience with Pearce in the AL East and Baltimore specifically. Personally, I don’t know much about him. I’m now looking forward to calling him “Little Yankee”.

    I had Nationals over Yankees in the preseason, just like SI. Prior to the postseason I had L.A. over Boston, so I feel pretty good about that pick. My best pick this preseason was Milwaukee. My worst pick? The Mets! I had them in the wildcard. Doh!! What was I thinking?

    If you’re interested, check out my ’18 Preview here:

    Thanks! Already looking forward to 2019!

    Reid “Dutch Lion”

    • Good job … picking the Brewers was an insightful pick. My experts had the Rockies winning it all, but to be fair, it was a cat named Mookie Wilson-Betts that made the final pick. A cat.

      I make only one pick each pre-season. I can make it right now if you like. OK, here it is. The Orioles will win the World Series in 2019. I have zero chance of being right, but I stick with ’em through the good, bad, really bad, and really-really-really bad. But, I love sticking by my panel of experts and I especially love baking cookies for them when they’re right!

      • Mookie Wilson-Betts….I love that! While we’re at it, I’ll go with the Chicago White Sox to win next year’s World Series. Thanks for the opportunity to put that out there.

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