And, Now There’s Baseball

“Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.”

© The Baseball Bloggess

Oh, baseball, how I’ve missed you.

Maybe you’re waiting around for Major League Baseball and the Players’ Union to work through their cumbersome labor disagreements. (Spoiler Alert: one side is being an unreasonable, mean-spirited, nogoodnik cheapskate.)

Well, I’m pleased to remind you that today, for college players, it’s baseball o’clock.

I heard that.

I heard you unkindly harrumph-mutter “aluminum bats” under your breath just now.

Stop grumbling and have an open mind.

Sure, maybe the clink of an aluminum bat doesn’t have the same satisfying crackety’crack-crack of a wooden bat.  An aluminum bat also doesn’t explode into devil shards that can put out your eye.

© The Baseball Bloggess

Can your bat do this?

Once you hear it a few times, the clink of an aluminum bat becomes beautiful – like the clink of an ice cube dropping into a whiskey glass – and it sure beats the sound of no bat at all.

Photo: Prem Pal Singh Tanwar on

* Clink*

What’s it going to be, baseball or no baseball?

The correct answer is baseball.

So, while you wait for Major League Baseball to get its act together, join me, won’t you … there’s college baseball to be played. And, it’s amazing.

© The Baseball Bloggess

It’s Opening Day.



13 thoughts on “And, Now There’s Baseball

    • True confession: I love morning baseball (which sometimes happens when college games try to twist their schedule around rainy — and, sometimes, snowy — weather forecasts). I’m hoping MLB gets its house in order … I can’t wait to see what Buck does with the Mets this season!

  1. Amen!

    I may be–am, actually–one of those people waiting for MLB to get their collective act together, but that doesn’t mean I’m not rejoicing in the knowledge that somebody, somewhere is playing ball.

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  3. My little one is beside himself at the thought of a delayed or even no season. He’s quiet, this kid, but through his social media stories, one clearly hears the tone of his disappointment, and maybe even disillusionment. With him, I get three more years, probably three anyway, of aluminum bat cracks and I for one, can’t wait til that’s the soundtrack of my days and evenings. Let’s hope that the big boys start playing fair so we can get back to the ballpark soon!

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