The Baseball Bloggess “is a blend of baseball talk and yoga talk. It’s akin to the old ‘Car Talk’ show on National Public Radio that was part auto mechanics and part philosophy and life counseling.” ~ The Baltimore Sun, 2018

Blogging is “the pole dancing of sports journalism.” ~ Frank Deford, the late sportswriting legend.

It’s Yin and Yang, this sports-blogging thing. In my defense, pole dancers work very hard and stay very fit, two things I also try to do. As for the life counseling? Let’s try it … “You seem nice. Why don’t you quit doing the things that make you unhappy, and start doing the things you love?”

Which brings me to … me.

I fell in love with baseball.  I fell out of love with baseball.  I fell back in love with baseball. (But, I never fell out of love with writing.)

I tell my friends this: Baseball was my Yoga, before Yoga was my Yoga.

It makes sense to me anyway. And, if I just made you roll yours eyes, I’m ok with that.

There’s not as much spitting in Yoga. Advantage: Yoga.

But, both baseball and Yoga … always seeking a path to home.

(This deep, inspiring stuff? I’m just messing with you.)

But, I do love that baseball and Yoga each demand patience, focus, balance.



This is me, The Baseball Bloggess, on the mat.

self portrait

And, in the bleachers.

the baseball bloggess takes a selfie

And, The Baseball Bloggess “as seen on” ESPN. (Is this how you take a selfie?)

I am a Baltimore Orioles fan — in good times and bad. (Mostly bad.)

As The Baltimore Sun wrote in 2018, as the O’s were wrapping up their horriblicious 115-loss season: The Baseball Bloggess “in zen-like fashion, has managed to find the elusive sweet spot between passionately caring about the Orioles without being unhinged by their repeated failings.”

“Without being unhinged.” Remember that.

I also enjoy close-to-home baseball from our season seats at the University of Virginia. I’ve seen a lot of baseball over the years and some of the best, most exciting, and inspiring baseball I’ve ever seen has been at UVa. In 2018, UVa’s park was renovated … (Thanks, R yan Zimmerman!) … the old bleachers are gone and we now sit in comfy blue seats.  It’s quite luxurious. Come say hi!

I’m proud to be a member of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research, and the Internet Baseball Writers Association of American.

Shameless Bragging:

The Baseball Bloggess has been recognized by Freshly Pressed for commentary on the history of vote manipulation in the All-Star Game (much funnier than it sounds) and on the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in baseball (not funny at all).

In October 2016, The Baseball Bloggess was named a Discover Blog for writing about “the game and its rich history with a mixture of deep knowledge and humor.” This could be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

Plus, this blog has been called “fun” by Forbes Magazine. Seriously. Forbes.

And, if I haven’t proven my baseball bona fides to you yet … you can find me in the crowd scenes in Major League II.  (I’m one of a couple thousand Baltimore fans pretending to be Cleveland fans. Squint and you just might see me.)

Here are some things you’ll find on here:

Posts on the Baltimore Orioles are here.

Posts on the University of Virginia Cavaliers are here.

A bunch of quirky baseball history, from Babe Ruth and Willie Mays to those cup-of-coffee players who played in just one big-league game … click here.

My five-part series on some of baseball’s most unusual Spring Training locations, from Catalina to Shreveport to Charlottesville, VA … click here.

The myth of Buttercup Dickerson … click here. 

And, the Virginia-Born Baseball Project, where Editor/Husband and I foolishly decide to visit more than 100 locations in Virginia, to pay our respects to the Virginia birthplaces of every major league baseball player … start here. (Spoiler Alert: It seemed like a good idea at the time, but covid has slowed our wandering waaaaay down. Like a slow, rambling, extra-inning game, it’s going to take awhile.)

Want to stop by my Yoga studio in Orange, Virginia? Visit www.peacefulhands.com

Leave thoughts here or email me at jackie@thebaseballbloggess.com

You seem nice. I hope you’ll hang around. An email sign-up is at the bottom of this page and on the homepage.


59 thoughts on “About

  1. Say hey lady! Thanks for the follow on Twitter and the like on my blog! (in case anyone is wondering my Twitter handle is @OakAsSocksGrl <—- never above a bit of self promotion! Sorry! :-/ ) Anyway, I LOVE your "about me" description! I enjoy Yoga too although not as much as you but my favorite part was you saying, " the stillness and the joyful slowness of this simple, not-so-simple sport" – my boyfriend doesn't like baseball – says it boring but that's part of its beauty! It's not so simple, it's the small things that win games (most of the time) and it's a game of inches! To him it's not fun unless they score a lot of runs – a pitchers duel is so much better. I was at MLB's 19th Perfect Game in Oakland and that was one of the most beautifully cool things I've ever seen and Braden wasn't even just striking everyone out – it was a team effort but when it came down to the last out it came down to a full count on Gabe Kaplar and that at-bat was all Braden and Kapler – that last pitch was so "not-so-simple" – it was of course beautiful when Kapler grounded out to short but an inch in a different direction and it could've been a ball, ya know? Anyway, I am also in love with the ideas surrounding the blog posts you mentioned above! I can't wait to read them and I've known I need to be more creative more often on my blog and your posts are inspirational to another baseball writer and blogger!!! Thanks again for stopping by BBST and for the follow! I look forward to reading your stuff!! :-D

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jen. You emailed me back in April asking about blog metrics etc, and I emailed you back the next day. I just realized I never got a response from you. I hope you received my email and the information was helpful. Take care! I enjoy your A’s baseball perspective!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I, too, like a good double play (I prefer a 5-4-3 as an ex-third baseman) and the serial comma, so we’d probably get along – even though I’m a diehard Pirates fan. (Since they’re AL anyway, I do root for the Orioles sometimes; in fact, I went to a snowed-out game a month or so ago – first time at Camden Yards and no game!) I saw some reference to the Dalai Lama in these comments and you posted on my Tibet photo, so I’d better go check on that connection somewhere in your blog!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! A 5-4-3 around the horn is a beautiful thing, too. I love a perfectly executed double play any way round! Your photos are beautiful. I don’t get much opportunity to travel far, so I’m especially grateful to the kind travelers who share photos and stories on their blogs. Yours are especially wonderful. :)

  3. I’m not sure I’ve ever loved baseball but I did enjoy it. I listened to a lot of Atlanta Braves games on the radio growing up. Before the good years. I remember hearing Hank Aaron break Babe Ruth’s home run record. Years later I met him after an Atlanta Hawks basketball game although he refused to give me an autograph. I’m sure it got old to him. But baseball has always been third in line behind football and baseball and as an adult I found it too hard to follow all three. Who knows though, one day…….

  4. Hey Princess ! I love your work ( Your Passion ) and I am working on getting my blog going …
    YOUNG NOW and Started Following the Orioles when I was about 8 yrs. old ! NO BIG DEAL
    RIGHT ? :-) EXCEPT FOR THE FACT; That I was Born and Raised in Central Oregon … lol
    Now what kinda guy falls in Love with an East Coast Team when he lives in Oregon ? Well, I
    can’t really Answer that Question, other than the Fact that I Love Winners and I Hate the NY
    Yankees ! lol Well, then comes the Conflict of Picking ” Mickey Mantle, ” as my HERO … lol
    Anyway just want to get to know you Better and Learn more about Your Style and Work as
    WE, are both Into the Same Types of things in Life ! ie: Baseball, Yoga, I am also a Reiki
    Level 2 Healer, Massage, Reflexology, Poetry Writer, Painter and Retired … LOL ! Last of
    Five Kids and I have Battled Just about Everything ( Alcohol, Cancer, Degenerative Arthritis
    and Divorce ! )
    I Hope that this E-mail, Post, Comment … Will Open the Door to a New and Exciting Friendship
    with You … I will leave you with One of my Favorite Sayings that I think You Will Relate to …

    ” You Can’t Keep It – If You Don’t Give It Away ! ” What is, ” IT ” ? ” IT ” is LOVE …

    Thank You for Your Time Today …

    Namaste’ Baseball Bloggess

    • Thanks for stopping by, RD … it’s always nice to have other Orioles fans to cheer with. Birdland isn’t confined to Baltimore, so it doesn’t surprise me at all when fans hail from other places.

      It sounds like you were part of the lucky generation of O’s fans who were there to enjoy those first World Series victories. I’ve been to playoff games, but still looking forward to my first Orioles World Series. I’m keeping my calendar free for October … could be the year! (An O’s/Giants series sounds fun … the battle of Orange and Black!)

      • My Pleasure and I always consider it an Honor to meet someone like yourself
        that is Accomplished at what you do, Love the Positive Attitude and Your Energy is Awesome! I am a level 2 Reiki Healer and do Massage and Some Reflexology as well. Certified in the Reiki but not the Massage or Reflexology, I got into it
        when I was in College @ the University of Oregon about a Zillion Years Ago !
        lol ! I owned a Construction Company ( Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Business for over 30 yrs. ) What a way to use a College Education HUH ! lol

        It would be Awesome to see the Orioles and Giants Go at it in this Years World
        Series … Who Knows ? If that does happen and it is on my Bucket List – lol – I
        have it on my List to come to Camden Yards to watch a Game ! Camden Yards
        and AT&T Park in San Francisco are two of the Most Beautiful Baseball Parks
        that I have ever Seen … Now I just need to SEE Them in Person ! LOL ! I kinda
        Doubt that will happen and I will be Watching on my New Flat Screen Sony TV
        at Home …

        I really do Enjoy taking with You and it’s the Top of the 6th Inning Now and still
        Tied 1 – 1 at Camden against the Rockies ! Schoup is looking really Good at
        Second Base this Year; Now if we can just get our Pitching to Step it Up a Notch or Two ! LOL! Actually the Orioles have the BEST ERA in the AL EAST
        at this Time ! If It ain’t BROKE – Don’t FIX IT !! LOL !

        ” GO ORIOLES !! ”

  5. Hey! Someone that is not afraid to admit they love the Orioles in public? ?? I just stumbled on your blog. I am a long time O’s fan. I was a fan of Paul Blair, Frank Robinson, Don Buford outfields and the last time their will ever be 4 20 game winners in a starting rotation. (Can you name them?) I loved the escape of Camden yards but not have relocated to Charleston, SC where we have our own mini-Camden yards at the home of our lovable Riverdogs…. A minor league franchise owned in part by SNL’s Bill Murray but now is a for the Yankees.Nice blog Jackie! Go O’s!

    • I’m always glad to see another O’s fan wander through! I became an O’s fan during their 0-21 start to the ’88 season, so I’m a newbie by many standards, but, yes, I can name the four 20-game winners … Palmer, McNally, Cuellar, and and and and (the one that I often forget) and and and Dobson!!

      I love Camden Yards, too … but, like you, we’re also a ways away, so we only get a few trips to Baltimore each season. Fortunately, also like you, we’ve found other closer-by baseball, and I’ve grown to love college baseball and the Valley League, which is the nearby summer wooden-bat college league.

      Go O’s!

      • Yes Pat Dodson. You are bonafide! I have to admit sine I moved to SC I am less knowlgeable, less of a fan unless they are having a good year and they are on TV a lot. I guess I can get my Os highlights from your blog now. Losing streak, huh? No wonder they are not on TV. My local team did have Josh Hamilton for a summer so we had plenty of games and autographs that year. That Devil Ray’s year had several bug league prospects. But Go O’s!

  6. Hi Jackie: I found your blog because of this: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-fan-zen-approach-20180914-story.html. I’ve been an Orioles fan since the mid-60s. I’m a bit older than you. I remember 1966-1983 when the Birds were the best team in MLB. I went to games 1 and 6 of the 1979 series. I had box seat tickets for games 6 and 7 of the 1983 series (oops!). I went to the game last night. I actually saved the ticket stub and wrote on it (something I hardly ever do) DJ Stewart HR #1, Double #1. He was a #1 pick from FSU (hey you may have seen him watching UVA play). Hope springs eternal. Let’s go Os, and keep on writing.

    • Welcome, BMore Bird! I love when an Orioles fan stops by … especially in these dark, dark historic loss days. (Silly me, I actually believed they could beat the Yankees today, and hold off the Yankee’s post-season clinch. Silly, silly me. I think that loss hurt more than most of the other 109.) Yes, I did see DJ Stewart play against Virginia … I love watching players from Virginia and the other ACC schools graduate to professional teams.

      There are some dark days ahead … rebuilds always take time (unless you’re the Yankee$) … so I’m going to try to look for the bright spots and hope that we make some good decisions along the way. I’m sure going to miss Adam Jones. :(

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