If your team is in a mid-season tumble (what, just me?) it might be wise to simply coast through these next few days … close your eyes and crawl to the All-Star Break and hope your team’s bats and fastballs warm up on the other side.

(It really is just me, isn’t it?)

While you’re busy ignoring your team’s little mini-implosion, which I’m sure is just temporary and won’t slow them from their destiny run to the World Series in October, how about helping out the minor leagues?

Plus, who doesn’t like to vote online?

(I’m looking at you Royals fans.)

Minor League baseball would like to know which minor league team – and there seem to be tens of thousands of them – has the best cap in the game.

Now, you might think the easy thing to do would be to just ask me. If people would just ask me who has the best cap*, we wouldn’t have to go to all the trouble of voting.

But, since no one did, here’s all you do …

Go here.

clash of the caps

And, vote for your favorite cap.

Once you vote, another two caps will appear and you can vote again. And,again.

There seems to be no limit to the number of caps you can view and vote on. You could, presumably, vote all day and I seriously encourage you to do that, because it’s so much better than other things you could be doing on the Internet, like watching stuff like this.

That’s 28 seconds of your life you’ll never get back, but more important, you could have voted three times in that span.

So start voting. (And, keep voting until July 21.)

* I’m still waiting for someone to ask me.

Because if they did, I would tell them the best cap in minor league baseball (possibly the best cap in the entire world) is this one.

spokane indians cap1

The Spokane Indians, a Texas Rangers affiliate, celebrate their Native American heritage by using the Salish language on their caps. (Try pronouncing it. Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

Isn’t there a Baseball Bloggess in your life who deserves that cap?

Dear Montgomery Biscuits, You came so close. So very, very close.

Montgomery Biscuits