“Due To Weather & Field Conditions …”

Rain Out in Richmond

On Friday, I wrote about rain delays and rain outs.

Two days later, what are the chances?

Game Postponed May 1 2016


Maybe I jinxed today’s game …

Tarps on the Field

… Because it was pouring rain by the time we got to Richmond.

Superstitions and jinxes like this run deep in baseball.

Charms On The Ball Field NYTelegraph 1910

New York Telegraph, 1910

In the early years of baseball, players would bury all sorts of lucky charms – especially rabbits’ feet – under home plate and all over the outfield.

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I Hope I Don’t Jinx Things.

“First off, superstitions work.” ~ Detroit Tigers Max Scherzer, 2013 Cy Young Award acceptance speech.

I’m a little concerned. Because, ever since Editor/Husband has been away, the Baltimore Orioles have been on a winning streak.

OK, maybe it’s just a two-game winning streak, but let’s not get all judgey about things.

Still, it makes me wonder how far I’m willing to go to win the World Series.

(Hi Honey, are you reading this? See you in November!)

I am a great believer in superstitions.

In the midst of a hot streak, some players will wear the same clothes, eat the same meals, or take part in strange rituals that might include touching certain parts of the ballpark, the bat, or themselves. Some won’t shave. Some will wear the same, unwashed jock through a hitting streak. (I know this is true because Mike Bordick said so during an Orioles’ broadcast earlier this season, and really, tell me why anyone would lie about a thing like that?)

(Here’s an important message to take from this last point: Ladies, no multi-million-dollar salary is going to make up for a lack of good personal hygiene. I’m pretty sure about this.)

Orioles pitcher Kevin Gausman eats powdered donuts before starts. Hall of Famer Jim Palmer used to have pancakes before his. (That’s my Orioles – always recognizing the importance of a good breakfast.)

Food plays a big role in player superstitions. And, this is a good thing, because eating the same meal, or at the same restaurant, on game day is a far better superstition than that don’t-wash-your-drawers-while-you’re-winning thing.

I have my little superstitions, too. While the University of Virginia baseball team made their way to Omaha this year – and came within two runs of winning the College World Series – I wore, and refused to wash, Lucky Shirt through the post-season.

It lost some mojo around the time Vanderbilt showed up, but other than that, it did a fine job for the Hoos.

Lucky Shirt

Lucky Shirt. All washed & ready for 2015.

And, while superstitions are head-shakingly stupid and totally irrational, they are also vitally important and absolutely real.

(Editor/Husband would say that superstitions cannot be both irrational and real. But, I’m Editor-free today … so, yes, they can.)

See this shirt?

1989 Orioles Tee

Lucky Orioles Shirt. Black Cat Approved.

It’s a vintage 1989 Orioles shirt – the year they went from the worst record in baseball to nearly winning the AL East. Nearly. So, maybe not the luckiest shirt in the world.

Still, it tries hard and has become one of my go-to Yoga shirts.

However, it should only be worn following an Orioles win. I believe it can further a streak – if they won their last game, wear the shirt, do some Yoga, and they’ll win again. If they lost their last game and I wear the shirt, they’ll lose the next.

You may have noticed I haven’t spoken much about my Orioles these last few weeks. Not when they’re here …

al east standings

I don’t want to jinx things.

But, here’s the thing. I’ve been dying to show you what the O’s have been up to this week. Because there’ve been some awesomely beautiful things in Birdland. Just watch …

Adam Jones home stealing (please note the excellent deke by Nelson Cruz):

jones steals2

Watch here.

Chris Davis grand slamming:

davis grand slam

Watch here.

JJ Hardy double-playing:

jj hardy double play

Watch here.

Jonathan Schoop awesome catching:

schoopy play in right

Watch here.

I hope I haven’t jinxed things.

To recap.

The Orioles won last night. I wore the shirt today. Check!

The Orioles have lost every – EVERY – game we’ve been to this season. I’m not at Camden Yards tonight. Check!

Editor/Husband is still away. Check!

I’ve lined things up as best as I can from here. Now it’s up to Chris Tillman to break his 0-3 record against the Twins tonight. (Cereal, maybe?)

If they lose tonight, it’s not my fault. I swear.

*** UPDATE ~ 10:22 p.m. ***

os twins