Winter Is Only Three Days Old …

“There are only two seasons – winter and baseball.” ~ Bill Veeck (1914-1986, Renowned Baseball Owner, Promoter, & All-Around Interesting Guy)

And, winter’s only three days old.

There may be no box scores to pore over, but baseball seems far more resilient than my basil plants that quickly kicked their buckets when the nights turned cold many weeks ago.

icy cat

The only cat outside here on an icy night is this terracotta one.

The Baltimore Orioles are still trying to climb out of the PR mess they created when they backed out of their “pending physical” agreement with “Failed Physical” Free Agent Pitcher Grant Balfour last week.

(Spoiler Alert: There is still nothing and no one under my Orioles Christmas tree.)

Watching baseball writers gleefully tear apart this Orioles-Balfour story during an otherwise quiet holiday week is like watching my cats tussle over a handful of turkey treats. Lots of pushing, shoving, pawing, and the occasional shrieking.  (That shrieking would be Stevie.)

stevie 9 21 13

Stevie. Post Treats.

But, it’s never winter for long.

And, the Orioles aren’t the only game in town.

The college baseball season begins in mid-February, which is just a few snowstorms away.

The University of Virginia, which is 40 minutes down the road (hey, UVa, are you reading this? When are we going to get our season ticket seat assignments?) will begin their season on February 14 ranked #12.

And, here’s a weird thing. College Baseball has issued its list of Pre-Season All-Americans. Really? You can do that? You get to be an All-American without even playing yet?

Well, heck, then maybe I’m an All-American. I haven’t played yet either. But, I think a lot about baseball. (I’m thinking about it right now.) That must be worth something. So, thank you for this honor, National Collegiate Baseball Writers.

But, truly, big congratulations go out to UVa’s Mike Papi (who we call El Oso Sueño for no real reason, except that we like the way he stalks around covering left field) and Brandon Downes (who we call Brandon Downes because that’s his name) for being named Pre-Season All-Americans.

Mike Papi

UVa’s Mike Papi out in left field.

Brandon Downes Tips His Cap

UVa’s Brandon Downes cap tipping.

If the temperature at UVA home games falls below 45, there’s free coffee and hot chocolate for fans.

This fall I went to some UVA intra-squad games and the temperature dipped into the 50s. I dressed for a blizzard and below-zero wind chills and I was still cold. (Editor/Husband wants me to clarify that the temperatures dipped into the “high” 50s that night. But, I’m pretty sure it was 10-below.)

So, can February chill keep me away from a baseball game? (Editor/Husband hopes so.  But don’t be so sure, honey.)

In the meantime, while I dream of sunshine and the baseball that comes when the weather turns warm against my face, and the outfield grass grows thick and lush and impossibly green, here are some of my photos of the UVa Cavaliers playing baseball in the sweetness of 2013.

(Most of these photos are from UVa games played in September and October.)

Nathan Kirby

UVa Sophomore Nathan Kirby.

Nick Howard

UVa Junior Nick Howard tidying up.

John LaPrise

UVa Sophomore John LaPrise.

Jack Roberts Freshman

UVa Freshman Jack Roberts.


(He’s safe.)

counting the days

Counting the days ’til baseball returns.

Waiting For Spring

Waiting for spring in the dugout.

warm bullpen

The bullpen is waiting, too …

And, boy, so am I.

9 thoughts on “Winter Is Only Three Days Old …

    • The off-season always makes me crabby. It’s no fun watching the Yankees and other teams spending lots of money, and then seeing your team just sitting back and waiting to see what’s left on the 75%-off clearance table. But, once the springtime comes, I’ll be back in the game! Merry Christmas!

  1. Love the quilt that Stevie is relaxing on. Want to see it in person! Want to go to UVA games together! There’s always next year, or the year after that. PS, tell editor/husband that anything below 70 is cold.

    • You’ll have to arrange your next U.S. & Virginia visit a little closer to baseball season. But, we ordered UVa season tickets … so let’s make a date! That quilt is sweet, but well-used and wearing thin.

      My theory is that my normal body temperature is 98.6 … therefore anything lower than that is probably too cold for me!

      Hope all is well in your part of the world!

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