I Wrote This For You On Christmas Day.

Do people read blogs on Christmas Day?

Do people actually write on blogs on Christmas Day?

Is that a bad thing? That I’m still in my pajamas and writing on here on a day that is ordinarily set aside for family and friends and festive gatherings?

That, as I write, Editor/Husband is setting up the bigger, stronger Hav-a-Hart trap in the attic because he’s wondering if the mouse up there isn’t a mouse after all, but something quite a bit larger. (Like a squirrel? A raccoon? Possibly a bear? Who knows what comes into this house on its own. We once had a snake that lived in our toilet. I’m not kidding.)

(He’s baiting it with a waffle, in case you’re interested.)

(And, by the way, thanks, Cats, for letting mice – or whatever is scratching on the walls up there – live in the house with us.)

santa squirrel

This is a flying squirrel dressed as Santa Claus.  (So, don’t say this blog post isn’t appropriately festive.)

Oh, yes, Christmas.

If you happen by this blog and actually read it today … or from time to time … you have brightened my heart. You really have.

And, I wish you all good things during this special time …

May you be surrounded by the love of family and friends …

have a catch

Have a catch.

But, if they start to make you crazy (and they just might), may you find a little space …


May you find joy doing the things you love …


And, most important, may you find the quiet peace of your heart … (and, hey, snacks!)

sunflower seeds

And, for those of you keeping score … Just 51 days ‘til pitchers and catchers report.

Richmond Stadium

(I took all of these photos in 2013.  Camden Yards, Baltimore.  The Diamond, Richmond, Virginia.  Davenport Field, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.)

6 thoughts on “I Wrote This For You On Christmas Day.

  1. (snaps trap for waffle) Can I get some syrup or something to go with this? Oh, and a bandaid for where the trap got me. :) Merry Christmas

    • It’s ok … it’s a hav-a-hart live trap … injury free! I’m convinced that we have just one mouse, who we trap and release and he comes back inside and we trap and release … over and over. Although whatever bigger-than-a-mouse critter is scratching around upstairs outsmarted the waffle bait yesterday. Either that, or he didn’t find my waffle to be delicious … which is very hurtful indeed. Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by! :)

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