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For 17 hours this week, the Baltimore Orioles led the American League East.  Ahead of the New York Yankees.  Ahead of the World Champion Boston Red Sox.

It was a nice 17 hours, although, truthfully, several of those hours were in the middle of the night when I couldn’t really enjoy it fully.

They say one shouldn’t live in the past, but I hope you won’t mind if I just …

we're no 1

May 2, 2014

What a whirlwind, crazy, exciting ride it was.

The Orioles promptly lost their next two games.

No more number one.

(I believe at one point today as the Orioles were losing to the Minnesota Twins I said they “suckity suck suck.” This is the clever kind of thing that baseball fans say when they’re being betrayed by the players they love.)

There is a week that comes in every baseball season, when a private, quiet kind of panic begins to set in for fans of teams that are not number one.

This is that week.

A week ago, Editor/Husband and I went to our first Orioles game of the season.  (Yes, it is a six-hour round-trip drive. He is the best.)

The scrappy Orioles played the equally scrappy Kansas City Royals.

We lost 9-3.

But, the sun was shining. 3,500 Little Leaguers were there. I took these pictures. So really the day wasn’t a total loss.


Here’s Orioles Pitcher Chris Tillman out by the bullpen. Four days later, against the Pirates he would throw 49 pitches in the top of the first and walk in two runs. The Orioles won anyway.

And, as a big fan of the bullpen and relief pitchers, I’m delighted to see they’ve dressed up the place with flowers.


These are ducks just behind center field.

little league2

These are Little Leaguers. More than 3,500 of them paraded around the ballpark before the game. It took more than an hour. The Orioles said “hi.”

Once again, I am besieged by protective netting. Let’s play “Guess The Infielder!”


Gold Glove Shortstop J.J. Hardy.

Lombo bw

Second Baseman Steve Lombardozzi.

markakis ghost

It’s a trick! It’s Right Fielder Nick Markakis playing first base, subbing for the injured Chris Davis.


Obligatory bullpen shot. Hi fellas, stay warm!

clevenger bw

Orioles backup catch Steve Clevenger, born in Baltimore in the nearby neighborhood called Pigtown.


This is a kid who’s excited to be at a baseball game. He is a wide-eyed innocent who believes in his team and in a world that is just and fair.

sad kid

This is a kid whose favorite team is rolling over to the Royals. I think he’s aged a bit this afternoon, and from here on out every smile will be tinged with just a hint of sadness.

jjhardy bw compressed

Shortstop J.J. Hardy knew that if he stopped mid-game to pose for my photo he would get to appear in this post twice. Congratulations, Mr. Hardy.

despair fortune cookie

OK, maybe it’s too early to panic.

We’re number two.


Photos: Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland. April 27, 2014.

Kansas City Royals – 9.  Baltimore Orioles – 3. 

11 thoughts on “The Fortune Cookie Speaks

  1. Ah, yes. Those brief moments of shining glory. Remember the AL West standings on April 2?
    Mariners 3-0
    Astros 2-0
    everyone else further back.
    Those days of glory, indeed. Some day they shall return, yeah and even unto the final day of the season. That’s the thought that keeps us watching, is it not?

    Well, perhaps not. There’s still a beauty in a well-turned double play or a towering home run, even in a losing cause.

    But those moments sure do help.

    • Thanks, Casey! The Orioles pride themselves on defense, so an amazing defensive play can help lessen the sting of defeat. Lots of errors lately though, so even that has made me grouchy. But, it’s early yet … right?

  2. I know that feeling. The Cubs won 3 in a row. I was giddy with dreams of a .500 season. Finally took one on the chin from the Cards last night in the top of the ninth. Ah well…

  3. My favorite fortune cookie is “Hope springs eternal!” As a Cubs fan, it’s my golden rule. We have to enjoy the good moments. Love your blog.

    • Thanks, Gloria! They sure can break your heart some days … but then the next game comes and their pitching is sound and their hitting is timely and suddenly I’m blocking off my calendar for October, because I’m sure that their World Series time has come. Hope springs eternal indeed! :)

    • Thanks Bill! It’s only a month in, but you’re right … “weird” is exactly the right word to describe the AL East. NL West is a little weird too. I guess that’s why we have to play 162. Plus, as long as things stay “weird” … the Orioles are still in the mix. So, “stay weird” will be my new motto this season … thanks!

  4. Hard weekend after Friday night…we’ll keep the flag flying, though! Thanks so much for the cheerleading effect and keep those great pics coming.

    • Thanks, Lynne … I became an O’s fan in 1988 … the year they started 0-21. So, I can get over a few ugly losses this weekend (sort of). New week … new hope. I’ll love ’em and be loyal, but I’m still going to yell at them from time to time. Plus, those poor boys in the bullpen need a rest! Go O’s! :)

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