The First Bleacher of Spring

The high temperature in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday was 47.2 degrees.

Just 2.2 degrees colder and there would have been “free hot chocolate for everyone” at Davenport Field where the University of Virginia Cavaliers — the Hoos — play ball and where the free hot chocolate flows at 45 degrees.

There was no hot chocolate. There was no win for the Hoos.

It was cold.

But, it was my first game of the spring. Even though it’s still winter.

And, even though it’s still cold.

(Why do we play baseball in February anyway?)

But, there was the first photo of spring …

Justin Novak First Photo of Spring

© The Baseball Bloggess

The 2016 honor of “First Photo” goes to UVa utility infielder and backup catcher Justin Novak.

The first bleachers of spring …

my first bleacher of spring 2016

© The Baseball Bloggess

The first sacrifice bunt of spring …

Clement Sac Bunt

© The Baseball Bloggess

Second baseman Ernie Clement. It moved the runner up, but led to nothing.

See, it was cold. Even in the dugout.

cold in the dugout too

© The Baseball Bloggess

And, wouldn’t you know it. Virginia pads the outfield walls for the first time ever and it’s still February and cleats have already torn through it. (Not to be a rat, but left fielder Jake McCarthy did it. And, he missed the catch. See, it was that kind of day.)

jake did it

© The Baseball Bloggess

Sunny today. Much warmer. The Hoos are 3-3 on the season.

e carolina at virginia box score 2 27 2016

Photos: East Carolina at Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. February 27, 2016 © The Baseball Bloggess


13 thoughts on “The First Bleacher of Spring

  1. By birth, and virtue of my elders consistently telling me this growing up, I’m supposed to root for the University of Maryland (a shame that they aren’t in the ACC any longer). But if I keep reading posts like this, I may become a fan of the WaHoos. Thanks…because even baseball in February is still baseball. And wonder of wonders, my local cable has finally added MLB Network! Now if they would factor in a place for Strike Zone…lol. Maybe I’m being a little too greedy.

  2. A rough, cold day at the ballpark is still better than any day at work! You’re still lucky to be able to see at game this early. We’ll be in Louisville this coming weekend, and hope to catch a game there. Best to the Hoos this season!

    • Mike, You’re absolutely right! Although I did enjoy the sunny, warm day and the Hoos win on Sunday a little bit more than the freezing cold loss of Saturday. Virginia plays at Louisville on March 25-26-27. Will you be there that weekend?

      • Actually, that was the weekend we originally planned on going down (kids’ spring break), but I wanted to move up our house hunting timeline so we’ll see them against Princeton. We should be moved down there for good by late April.

  3. There is nothing as bleak as a cold, winter look baseball field. Glad you got to your first one and there is spring promise in the air at long last!
    PS Not sure if you caught the remarks our GM made – OMG what is he thinking? We are doomed to another way below sub par year. sigh

    • Hi Sharon, I didn’t see any Rockies news … but it’s never good if the GM is predicting doom. I did see that the Rockies are raising some of the outfield fences and I heard about Tulo’s comments about still being upset about his trade last season. Not a good way to start the spring.

      Snow is in the forecast here in Virginia for Friday … then springtime and warm weather! :)

  4. Although my kiddies graduated a while ago, I gotta make it down for a game or two this season. Awesome use of b&w photography! I have a few personal photos from the 80s shot on b&w 35mm film that are awesome. A true throwback!

    • Thanks, Greg. Yes, you definitely should catch a few games at Davenport Field this season. It’s a sweet park and a great place for baseball. (As long as it’s not freezing … or snowing … or sleeting …) :)

  5. Baseball in February and March works best if you consider it a hint of warmer weather to come. I’m not sure of your involvement with baseball? Are you #14 in the UVA picture?

    • Nope, that’s not me in the photo … I’m the photographer. I’m a baseball blog sportswriter with a special love for baseball history, especially in this area and Baltimore. There’s more on my “about” page if you want to see the real me. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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