Photo By, And Courtesy Of, Jesse Pritchard. 

Sunrise At Davenport. Charlottesville, Virginia.

Congratulations, Baseball Fans … You’ve made it through another off-season.

It’s Opening Day for the National Champion University of Virginia Cavaliers (wahoowa!) (I did mention “National Champion” didn’t I?).

University of Virginia vs. Kent State from Pelicans Ballpark in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. First Pitch is at 4:00 p.m.

And, major league pitchers and catchers have been reporting all over the Cactus & Grapefruit Leagues this week. (Fun Fact: The Baltimore Orioles still only have four starting pitchers in their rotation; I’m sure they’ll figure something out.)

It’s a beautiful day … let’s Play Ball!

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“Packing for Spring Training is a pretty easy process. You just throw everything in the bag, throw it in the truck, and hit the road.” ~ Former UVA Cavalier & Current Baltimore Oriole Pitcher Tyler Wilson

Listen to a great interview with Tyler on this week’s Wahoo Central Podcast here.

Baseball Season is Here. ‘Bout Time.

16 thoughts on “Congratulations!

    • Exactly! UVa took an 8-0 lead into the 9th inning yesterday, but my AM radio signal — the only place airing the game — faded out. And, then this happened. Final Score: UVa 8 – Kent St 6. But, I’ll take an ugly 9th inning over no baseball at all. Now to just keep the snow away this coming week when they play at home. :)

  1. Yes…baseball is back. A wonderful day of rejoicing there is all over the land. I’m looking forward to following you through an actual baseball season! (I found you late in the year last year). :)

    • UVA’s Davenport Field is a sweet place to see a game, I hope you come check it out. And, we have season tickets so we get to nearly all the games, so definitely let me know if you make it down here, so we can say “hi”. :)

    • I think he may be on the fast track. In any event he was working hard all through the winter in Charlottesville. After seeing him and Mike Wright get their emergency starts with Baltimore last season, I think Tyler is probably more starter-ready and Wright is more reliever material. What do you think? Otherwise, you or I will have to loosen up our throwing arms!

  2. “You just throw everything in the bag, throw it in the truck, and hit the road.”
    Some of my greatest trips started just like this.

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