David Ortiz & Some Unlucky Piñatas

Some folks think I’m too hard on the Red Sox.

They think I just live in the past … just re-posting and re-watching this clip from 2011, one of my favorite baseball moments, over and over and over.

(You don’t need to watch it. Seriously. It’s a couple years old and, really, while it is one of my favorite moments in the history of baseball, you don’t have to waste one minute to watch this clip no matter how magical that one minute will be for you.)

I don’t hate the Red Sox.

I’m not angry at them. You know, this kind of angry …


That’s Red Sox DH David Ortiz answering the dugout phone at Camden Yards in 2013.

Actually, I think I’m pretty fair to every team.

And, in that spirit, and because it is brilliant, here’s a new commercial of David Ortiz and piñatas.

(I hope he’s trying to earn enough money to buy Baltimore a new dugout phone.)

9 thoughts on “David Ortiz & Some Unlucky Piñatas

  1. That was a classic. I always remember Dustin Pedroia’s reaction as well. There are days I really hate Big Papi (mostly when he whines and when he watches home runs), but I saw a documentary that showed his philanthropic work and I felt guilty for hating him. Then, the way he rallied Boston after the Marathon bombings – quite a moment. Love/hate relationship!

    • I know, I’ve grown a little soft on him, too. I’m always so happy to hear about the good work that many of these players do off the field … even David Ortiz. I’ll probably even miss him a little when he’s gone. Well, I’ll miss his spectacular whiffs anyway. :)

  2. You mean he hasn’t given the money for that yet? Hahahaha…and I was there that night. I could hear the whacking of the phone all the way down the right field line. I wanted someone, anyone from the O’s to go up to Fenway and take one of their bullpen phones out for some eye for an eye type of justice.

    • Oh yes! That would have been so perfect … after the game, someone could have carefully just taken a phone from the Fenway dugout. Maybe we can give Big Papi a phone as a retirement gift when the Sox next come through Baltimore. :)

      • There’s still time! I’m sure they’ve gotta go back to Fenway a few more times before the season ends. :)

  3. In reality MLB has been kissing big Poopies behind for years. As a role model he is a disgusting fraud. Even when he tested positive for steroids MLB did nothing saying it was just an accident that he didn’t mean to. The former Comish of MLB DIDN’T CARE, he was only interested in bringing fans into the parks. This is the same reason that the Comish made the umpires reduce the strike zone to the size of a tin cup for all of those steroid years, he is even a bigger fraud than big Poopie. The lack of a strike zone was a bigger factor in the fraudulent power numbers than the steroids. You see now how the numbers pictures have once they were allowed to get a called strike. Also you see how the hitters numbers are so far down even for ‘the stars’, except for big Poopie of course.

    • Thanks for stopping by. While I know that Ortiz stirs up the non-Red Sox fan base (one of my favorite things is watching him strike out at Camden Yards), I’m not sure there are many ballplayers that I would hold up as role models. These are men who play baseball … I sometimes think we’re looking for too much when we try to call them role models.

      I’m no Ortiz apologist. But, he would probably argue with you that the Commissioner cut him breaks during his career. I’m guessing he probably blames the Commissioner’s office, or its lawyers, for leaking the results of his failed drug test — 104 players tested positive in 2003, but only a few names were leaked to the press, including Ortiz, Manny Ramierez, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds. Ortiz continually argues that no one in baseball can tell him what he tested positive for. Which is only to say, there’s no love lost between Ortiz and the Commissioner’s office.

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