David Ortiz & Some Unlucky Piñatas

Some folks think I’m too hard on the Red Sox.

They think I just live in the past … just re-posting and re-watching this clip from 2011, one of my favorite baseball moments, over and over and over.

(You don’t need to watch it. Seriously. It’s a couple years old and, really, while it is one of my favorite moments in the history of baseball, you don’t have to waste one minute to watch this clip no matter how magical that one minute will be for you.)

I don’t hate the Red Sox.

I’m not angry at them. You know, this kind of angry …


That’s Red Sox DH David Ortiz answering the dugout phone at Camden Yards in 2013.

Actually, I think I’m pretty fair to every team.

And, in that spirit, and because it is brilliant, here’s a new commercial of David Ortiz and piñatas.

(I hope he’s trying to earn enough money to buy Baltimore a new dugout phone.)