A Wednesday Without Baseball

“There are two ways of learning to play base ball: the one is to learn it for the objects of recreation and exercise, and the other in order to become a skillful and noted player.”

Chris Davis Johnny Giavotella

© The Baseball Bloggess

 “To learn the game, therefore, for the simple purpose of a few hours of recreation of a summer’s afternoon, is an easy task; but to go into a regular course of training, in order to become a professional player … involves steady and persevering application, fatiguing exertion, plenty of pluck and nerve, thorough control of the temper, great powers of endurance, and, withal, the physical aptitude to excel. …” The Game of Base Ball. How to Learn it, How to Play it, and How to Teach it. By Henry Chadwick, 1868

It is Wednesday. There is no baseball tonight.

It’s the annual All-Star break and there will be no major league games until Friday. It’s a civilized break that all those players with plenty of pluck and nerve have earned.

I fell asleep during last night’s All-Star Game, which I’m a little ashamed about. It makes me sound old, which I suppose I am. Pluckless, I guess. Maybe I just needed a civilized break, too.

I have nothing to do on this night without baseball.

Except wonder how the Orioles will do when they play again on Friday.

Photo: Los Angeles Angels at Baltimore Orioles. Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore. July 9, 2016. Orioles first baseman Chris Davis has the ball; the Angels’ Johnny Giavotella is out on the play. Orioles win 3-2.   © The Baseball Bloggess

19 thoughts on “A Wednesday Without Baseball

  1. “Wash my car in the rain.
    “Change my new guitar strings.
    “Mow the yard just the way
    “That I did yesterday.”
    Terri Clark “Better Things To Do”
    I think it got to about number 3 back around 1995.

  2. At least the American League won-Again! Now the “for real” battles begin once again, and those “there’s-still-time” games are about to arrive full tilt. Enjoy the rest of the run to October! :-)

  3. Feeling your pain. However last night I watched last year’s second game against Vandy and was as nervous as being in Omaha and watching it live. Just to let you know, we won and will play tonight for the championship. God bless second base for getting in the way. Hang in there, Friday is tomorrow.

  4. It is an empty feeling. No box scores in the morning, no games to check out in the evening. One more day and we’ll be back.

    Trades, rookies checking into the majors, dog days and then the final push. I always enjoy the second half of the season.

  5. Did you mean “base ball,” as Chadwick referred to it? I’m not without baseball this time of year- American Legion Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, Little League Baseball, Redhawks baseball. I get it, no Major League Baseball, but I have the Twins to watch. Their losing record has allowed them to bring up some promising players. Keep an eye on Grossman, who gives the Twins one-too-many outfielders. The dog days of August loom.

    • The Charlottesville Tom Sox play tonight, but I’ve got a late work night … and it’s one of those sticky, sultry, soupy, yukky 90-some degree Virginia days when staying tucked indoors just seems the smarter choice.

  6. Half-way through the season, and I see World Series fever simmering already. Wow! By the way, great photo, Blogess. You really did have great seats

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