Adam Jones At The Plate

I still don’t really get the World Baseball Classic.

It’s going on now and handfuls of players from handfuls of teams leave their spring training and play together for their “homeland” teams.

It’s supposed to help make baseball a more global game.

A lot of baseball fans hate it, because it takes key players away from their real teams, exposes them to injury, and seems a little strange that it sort of just shows up every four years.

So, maybe you were too busy watching basketball last night … or drinking wine … or knitting … or watching CNN … or making an uncomfortable call to your parents to ask for a loan … or, seriously, I don’t know what you were doing last night, but maybe you weren’t watching Team USA play Team Colombia.

So, in case you missed it, let me help you out.

Team USA, like the teams from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, is filled with players with names you know.

Team Colombia is not.

This should have been one of those easy-peasy games.

It was not.

At the end of 9 innings, the score was tied, 2-2.

And, here we are … Bottom of the 10th, score still knotted at 2, two men on, two out.

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones at the plate … he’s 0-and-2 (which Orioles fans will tell you is where you’ll often find him).

That was fun.

Tonight, Team USA – filled with names you’ll recognize – will battle it out against the Dominican Republic – even more names you’ll know.

Seriously, better than knitting. Or, the news. Even basketball.

6:30 p.m. EST Tonight. On the MLB Network.

7 thoughts on “Adam Jones At The Plate

  1. And speaking of basketball, Israel is looking like the “NC State” of the WBC! Gotta love a good Cinderella story. And go! Adam Jones. He’s becoming one of my favorite players. I always hear good things about him, even though I don’t see him much.

    • I love Adam Jones … just an all-around tough player, a team leader, and an important part of the Baltimore community. He just works hard all the way ’round. Although we do have a saying in our house: whenever any batter falls to 0-and-2, we say he’s “in the Jones” because, well, just like last night … that’s where you’ll often find Adam.

  2. Personally, I love the WBC! It’s a fun way to celebrate what an international sport baseball is, and to see my favorite players in a different context. Since it’s held during the spring training season, I don’t feel like it interferes much with MLB.

    I wasn’t able to watch USA vs. Colombia last night, but I was was checking the scores from time to time, and I got more than a little excited when we wrapped it up with a walk-off win!

    I think that Chris Archer and José Quintana both deserve a huge amount of credit for their performances. They were brilliant!

    Was anyone else surprised that Venezuela got crushed by Puerto Rico? Not the result I was expecting!

    • You’re absolutely right! I know that Chris Archer was disappointed when the pitch limit took him out of the game last night. He’s definitely a joy to watch (well, except when he’s steamrolling the Orioles in the regular season). I like the WBC, too … although sometimes I wonder how people just magically end up on other teams based on where their great-grandparents were born. But, maybe that’s good because it spreads the talent pool out. Tonight’s USA/DR game should be great fun!

  3. I’ve seen some games here and there. I work/sleep odd hours, so it seems more of the games form over seas are on when I get home from work. You’d think being such big baseball fans, we’d really be into it, but maybe because it is right in the middle of spring training and the beginning of college ball that it gets over shadowed a bit. I do love the concept, but maybe would rather see it happen in November or January.

    • I always shrug my shoulders at first, but then it’s just so fun to watch the teams play with such passion (so much better than spring training which is, well, just training). Last night’s Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico game was great. Plus, a just-drafted UVA shortstop made an appearance for Team Canada … I’m not sure I’ve ever cheered so loudly for a meaningless walk in a blowout game!

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