Happy New Year (And A Ceremonial First Pitch)

A new season. Finally. And, not a moment too soon.

Can I wish for the World Series?

Too soon?

Well then, let me just wish for today. A day with some baseball.

Where all things are possible.

Here’s your ceremonial first pitch …


Now, Play Ball!

(and, go o’s!)

Photo: Orioles Shortstop JJ Hardy. Camden Yards, Baltimore. 2016. © The Baseball Bloggess

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year (And A Ceremonial First Pitch)

    • I’ll get to plenty of college games and college summer-league games this season … but my trips to Baltimore are special ones. Hopefully a few games this season, including a series later this month! Thank goodness for “MLB Extra Innings” so I can at least watch games every night from here at home. :)

  1. Everybody is in it right now. Well, except the Padres. They’re terrible. How ’bout them Cards? I know you watched that game and wished you were a better fan of our team. We’ll get you there, eventually. ;-)

    • Of course I did! (And, I hope you noticed that my expert panel this year picked the Cards to win the division this season.)

      I’m torn a bit though. It’s that darn Dexter Fowler. He had “signed” with the O’s as a free agent last season but at the 11th hour pulled out of the deal saying his heart was with the Cubs and there was nowhere else he wanted to play. So, imagine my surprise to see him jump ship to the Cards this season. I was feeling jilted last season, but thought … oh, the guy just wants to play for his true love. And, now this! He is dead to me.

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