33-1/3: My 18-Word Return

20th century: the rotation speed of a vinyl record ☝️

21st century: the beginning of an Orioles dynasty 👇


5 thoughts on “33-1/3: My 18-Word Return

  1. Love good pitching! As a kid in 1957 I remember Orioles pitchers Hal Brown,
    Billy Loes, Connie Johnson, and Ray Moore hurling four shutouts in a row. Nine
    year old me thought it was incediible!!.The Orioles turn around this season has
    been nothing short of stunning. Glad you’re back among the baseball living. I
    see you as a literary Terry Cashman and that’s good company to be in.

  2. You’ve had three starting pitchers in a row throw more than eight innings. The Twins’ Ryan carries a no-hitter into the eighth inning and gets lifted for a reliver. The Orioles are eight games over .500; the Twins have lost eight of their last nine. Watch out for the Orioles in 2023!

    • Jim,
      Sitting in St. Paul, I share your pain. When Cleveland swept the early September series in MN, I knew they were done & I stopped paying attention when they flopped the following week in Cleveland. I started consciously following the O’s in 1959 with Paul Richards’ Kiddie Korps of
      Barber, Pappas, Estrada, Fisher, Walker, & of course, Hoyt Wilhelm. I see similarities with this current staff. The Twins? You can’t even point to a Bambino-like curse for all this.

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