“Ain’t The Beer Cold!”

Seventeen years ago, when the Baltimore Orioles last won the American League East title, I was single, worked in still Nationals-less Washington DC, and colored my hair every three months because I wanted to, not because I had to (damn you, gray hair!)

R.E.M. was still a band. Cal Ripken was still playing (every single day). My gold suede Hush Puppy oxfords were kitschy and cool.

(I wish I had those shoes back. I had forgotten all about them until just now. They were awesome.)

When you have to wait 17 years for something, it seems a bit sweeter maybe. I sniffled last night. (I’m getting a little teary-eyed just writing this.)

Even if you don’t love baseball. Even if you only read this because I asked you to. Let me have this moment, ok?

al east champs


Here’s the moment …



Here’s the celebration that followed the moment …

the moment

 “It’s one of those things you can’t describe.” ~ Orioles Rightfielder Nick Markakis

(I’m sure several Orioles are awaking today to mind-bending hangovers. I hope they rounded up all their children before they left the park.)

There will be baseball in October.

By the way, “Ain’t The Beer Cold!” was the “We Just Won” catch phrase of long-time Orioles radio announcer Chuck Thompson (1921-2005).


10 thoughts on ““Ain’t The Beer Cold!”

    • Thanks! Buck said last night as he watched the celebration from the dugout, he went over and put his hand on the #4 plaque that is posted by the dugout steps in honor of Earl Weaver. I like that he always takes a moment to acknowledge the Orioles long history — and Earl!

    • I’m on to your Mariners vs. O’s gambit! Robinson Cano has a better than .400 avg off of Orioles starters. The Orioles have batted a feeble .206 off the Mariners this season, although we are 5-2 over the M’s in 2014. It could be fun … let’s do it!

  1. Was there 17 years ago and it seems a lifetime…. My team through thick and thin, but this makes me smile!!! Thanks for such a wonderful wrap-up of the night. GO BIRDS – all the way!

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