A Trifecta of Sorts

My baseball trifecta would be to see the Baltimore Orioles, the San Francisco Giants, and the University of Virginia Cavaliers in a single game.

Today the Bowie Baysox (Orioles AA team) faced the Richmond Flying Squirrels (Giants AA team) in Richmond, Virginia.

Bowie’s starting pitcher was a UVa Hoo.

Close enough.

Sunday, April 12, 2015.

branden kline

Branden Kline, starting pitcher, Bowie. Ten K’s over five innings. From the University of Virginia.

branden kline 3

branden kline2


first pitch

Ceremonial first pitch.

jason esposito



Richmond Flying Squirrel Javier Herrera. Safe.

ben rowanSubmarine pitcher Ben Rowan, traded from the Dodgers organization a couple days ago, making his Orioles organization debut. (A former Virginia Tech Hokie.)

derek gibson

Bowie Baysox


on deck circle


Mike Yastrzemski, left field, Bowie.

Yes, Red Sox fans, Carl is his grandfather.

carl yastrzemski 1969


matt and sam

7th Inning Stretch.

2-1 Bowie. Bottom of the ninth. Tying run on second.

villalona two out bottom of the ninth

Angel Villalona.

(He struck out.)

bowie at richmond 4 12 15 box score

Photos: The Diamond, Richmond, Virginia. April 12, 2015. © The Baseball Bloggess

Almost every photo was taken from behind the net today. Sorry about that.

nuthin but net


11 thoughts on “A Trifecta of Sorts

  1. Excellent photos on what seems to be an excellent day at the yard. I saw that Yasztremski’s grand kid was in a uniform. Only seems right. I have that card that you use in your blog. Yaz was the man for us little kids, even though he was in a faraway place called Boston. Mystical in a way, since we learned about him when the Red Sox went to the World Series and he hit for the Triple Crown. That sort of thing sticks with a young baseball fan.

  2. As soon as I read Mike’s name I wondered if he was any relation to Carl. And then you let us know he indeed was! Big shoes to fill,

    • The Orioles mention Yaz a lot … so I think they believe he’s more than just a long complicated name. He was 1-for-4 with an RBI yesterday. He also endured a lot of jawing from a row of Squirrels’ fan hecklers who sit near the visitors’ dugout. They were pretty funny (rather than obnoxious). They were ragging him about looking like Tom Cruise and having a lot of money. Randy thought looking like Tom Cruise and having a lot of money wasn’t such a bad thing …

  3. A recent (new) visitor – enjoyed the post and especially liked the photos. I never remember to take many pictures when I hit the ballparks most summers – especially when I make the summer tour to some place I’ve never seen before. I’ll try to be better this year when Andy and I go to Montana to catch a couple of games.

    Mike’s swing is nothing like his grand-daddy’s. Where’s the high hands and the kick???

    • He did play left field … just like his grandpa. The Orioles seem quite high on him, although he moved down from AAA to AA this season. That, I think, is due to the fact that the O’s went on a minor league free agent signing tear in the off-season trying to make sure they were equipped to replace Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis this season. So, I think Little Yaz got squeezed out. But, they mention him all the time, including on O’s game telecasts, so I think he’ll be moving back up soon enough. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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