Happy New Year!

Happy Opening Day 2015

Happy New Year!

For just a few more hours, we’re all undefeated. We’re all #1.

(Except for you, last-place Chicago Cubs … and your pesky NL Central … because you had to insist on starting early.)

cubs cards

An Opening Day Prayer

May your team’s errors in the field be few and your run-scoring doubles be many.

May your pitcher strike out the side far more than he falters, and may he never forget to cover first when necessary.

May it always be sunny in your bleachers.

self portrait

© The Baseball Bloggess

Unless, it’s a night game, in which case, may your stadium lights stay on.

And, may your team play through October and never let you down.

opening day lineup

Play Ball!

*        *        *

(A quick update to my World Series post from Friday: Stevie the Cat is not happy about the Craig Kimbrel trade. Not happy at all.)

stevie says 2015

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • She made her pick and she’s sticking with the Braves. Although the Kimbrel thing is certainly a head-scratcher, even to a cat. You should definitely have some fun out there in the NL West this season!

  1. Thank you – our ‘season’ is finally here! We are hopeful for a better than predicted last place! Go Rockies! :)

  2. I, like your cat was stunned by the Kimbrel trade. Yet the Braves won today, as Nick Markakis drove in both runs and Jason Grilli pitched a perfect ninth (striking out Giancarlo Stanton) for the save. Yes, Oriole fan, Nick still has it. Hopefully the O’s will have a great year, and the Braves will continue to win.

    • Ahhh … I never doubted that Nick Markakis still has it. I really think the Orioles made a huge mistake in dithering over that fourth year in his contract. He’ll never let you down. I’m not quite so confident about the Orioles old closer Jim Johnson in your bullpen this season, but I really want him to do well for you, too. Both of those guys were stand-up Orioles … and I miss them. Take good care of them, Braves fan! :)

  3. The Atlanta trade was a surprise to me too. But the real disappointment out here is the news that Matt Cain is injured again. Possibly off to long-term DL.

    BTW, I’ve been calling for a big 2015 season for Travis Snyder. So far, my projections are spot on.

    • The Giants have certainly gotten pretty banged up in these past few days. Speedy healing to all of them!

      Yes, I’m hoping for good things from Travis Snider. He can’t replace Nick Markakis in my book, but he seems like a “fit in” kind of guy. And, I’m hoping the change of scenery is just what he needs.

    • I think your anti-Cubs comment steamed Jake Arrieta on Wednesday! (I do like Joe Maddon putting pitchers in the #8 hole of the Cubs lineup. Those American League managers just go nuts when they lose their DH!)

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