All-Star Break: Waiting, Day 1

Four summer days without baseball. That’s what the All-Star Break is.

Maybe you count tonight’s Home Run Derby and tomorrow’s All-Star Game as baseball. My friend Jay doesn’t.

All I have to do each July is send Jay this email: “Do you still hate the All-Star break?” and I get a fast reply, like this:

“I HATE the all-star break – and the all-star game which causes the all-star break.  Especially now that they have extended that break to 4 days. The best thing about baseball is that it happens (almost) every day.”  

I don’t mind the All-Star game, even if just one Oriole will be there. Sure, the game is sort of pointless. But, it’s sort of cute, too. Like a puppy.


In 1933, the year of the very first All-Star game, there was no break, except for that single day, which resulted in having to cancel the two ballgames that were already on the schedule.

Rutland Daily Herald, 7/6/1933

That game in 1933 – where Babe Ruth was the hero – was called, by many reporters of the time, the Game of the Century.  Maybe you have a different Game of the Century. You probably do.

Baseball – the real kind – returns on Friday. Until then … I give you, and my friend Jay, four days of waiting.

Monday. Day 1.

Waiting for the game to begin …

© The Baseball Bloggess. Waynesboro Generals vs Charlottesville Tom Sox, Valley League Baseball, 2018.

… from atop the dugout …

© The Baseball Bloggess, 2018

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14 thoughts on “All-Star Break: Waiting, Day 1

  1. When you need baseball every day, let MLB have its break. There has to be minor league ball or American Legion Baseball… even amateur baseball, nearby. The Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks hosted the Milwaukee Milkmen over the weekend. I saw a great catch to rob a grand-slam home run, a come-from-behind victory…and I have three Legion teams to cover. Little League players deserve appreciation too. Love the game.

  2. Fox Sports Minnesota has been airing an 8-part series, “Town Ball,” looking at players and ballparks throughout Minnesota. I need to plan a journey to Jordan, Arlington, Cold Spring to see some of these well-manicured fields of dreams.

  3. I hate the break as well but I try to remember the giddy and special feeling I had as a kid watching the All Star game. This was before MLB.TV so in my area we could only watch the A’s, the Giants and the Saturday game of the week. The All Star Game was the only opportunity to watch the players you could only see on baseball cards or if they played the aforementioned teams above.

  4. Well, I can’t say much good about that minor league jersey, but as with your buddy, I detest the All Star break. With modern air travel you don’t need a day to get to the game and a day back. Yuck.

  5. I have to agree…evening tv is pretty poor! But my library is glad to have me back! It’s kinda like October, you have to navigate your nights back to other stuff!

  6. I hate the All-Star Break too!!!! (one exclamation point for each day with no serious competition) The worst part is the Wednesday and Thursday days with absolutely nothing. Back in the 80s and 90s, I’m pretty sure there were only 2 or at most 3 days off. Nowadays it’s just too much. Plus, ESPN tries to show their stupid ESPY’s program on us. No thank you!

    We always plan our Summer vacation around the All-Star Break, meaning we go on vacation so that I don’t miss as many real games. The thinking is, at least I’m distracted by vacation stuff to not get all huffy and puffy over missing baseball games.


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