All-Star Break: Waiting, Day 3

Save the bullpen. That’s what they say, right? Don’t use up all your pitchers. You might need one later.

So, it wasn’t a surprise, but it was still a bummer, that John Means – the Baltimore Orioles lone All-Star rep last night – never got to play. Both sides saved some pitchers.

The American League won.


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At least John Means was available to play. He could have pitched.

The poor Washington Nationals had two All Stars – an unavailable pitcher and an injured position player.

The only Nationals that saw action last night were the Racing Presidents.

Tackling a hot dog – cheating! – is not a good look for a Founding Father.

Anyway, bullpens are a weird place. Relief pitchers just sit around in their own little campsite on their own little bench – their own little tribe. Waiting. Waiting to get the call to warm up. Warming up and then maybe getting the call to sit back down again. Maybe they play. Maybe they don’t.

John Means didn’t. You gotta wait and see.

Waiting and watching the game …

… Waiting on the rain tarp (and not watching the game) …

… Waiting (and freezing in early March) …

Bullpen Photos: Visitors Bullpen, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. Teams: Louisville, Florida State, Duke. © The Baseball Bloggess, 2019

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6 thoughts on “All-Star Break: Waiting, Day 3

  1. I’m beginning to think that half of life is just “hurry up and wait.”. If it’s an All Star game they ought to be required to let all the stars play.

    • In 1993, Baltimore had the All-Star game and the AL manager (the much-loathed Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston) didn’t let the Orioles star pitcher Mike Mussina into the game. Even though the game was a blow-out he insisted that he was saving him “just in case.” I remember it vividly … it was a horrible decision (and I think it was a vindictive thing on Gaston’s part). The Baltimore fans booed him relentlessly that night … and never forgave him. I admit that I too was at many games at Camden Yards after that where I joined into the loud and lusty “CITO SUCKS!” chants that filled Camden Yards whenever the Blue Jays came to town.

      Storybook Ending: Mike Mussina is entering the Baseball Hall of Fame this summer. Cito Gaston is not.

  2. That photo of Jay the other day made me think of Snoopy resting atop his dog house. But I’m sure if Jay plays shortstop, he doesn’t field line drives in his jaws. Also remember Moose yielding Chuck Knoblauch’s first MLB home run in the Metrodome.

    • Oh, that wasn’t Jay. That shortstop was playing for the Waynesboro Generals on the summer Valley League last season. I can’t quite tell from my notes, but I think he was a player from one of the Florida schools. But, yes, now that you mention it, that photo does have a little Snoopy’ness to it!

      I have no memory of Mike Mussina ever giving up a home run. I only remember the outs. :)

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