All-Star Break: Waiting, Day 4

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As settlers pushed into the unsettled Great Plains in the 1800s to open the land and start new lives, the harsh living conditions, backbreaking farm work, often deadly weather, and near-constant isolation took an enormous toll, often leading to mental breakdowns. They called it “Prairie Madness.”

So, all things considered, going four days without baseball is really no big thing.

And, on the plus side, the Baltimore Orioles haven’t lost a game in four days.

Baseball – the real kind with real games that really count – returns in full tomorrow. But, because of a schedule quirk the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros play tonight. So our baseball-less four-day nightmare is nearly over.

In the meantime, pitchers Chesdin Harrington and Andrew Abbott from the University of Virginia can help you pass the time. Actually, they’ll just help you pass one minute. But, still …

I’m glad we were able to get through these baseball-less days together.

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5 thoughts on “All-Star Break: Waiting, Day 4

  1. Blogess, thanks, so much, for your selfless public service. I loath the all-star break and all its works, with its glorification of what matters least to a real baseball fan, (and its trivialization of what matters most), but your postings have helped.
    Now, let the games resume. We’ll see if the layoff has caused my Giants to lose the momentum they were building, prior to the break. They were almost out of the cellar!

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