Happy New Year!

Happy Opening Day 2015

Happy New Year!

For just a few more hours, we’re all undefeated. We’re all #1.

(Except for you, last-place Chicago Cubs … and your pesky NL Central … because you had to insist on starting early.)

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An Opening Day Prayer

May your team’s errors in the field be few and your run-scoring doubles be many.

May your pitcher strike out the side far more than he falters, and may he never forget to cover first when necessary.

May it always be sunny in your bleachers.

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Unless, it’s a night game, in which case, may your stadium lights stay on.

And, may your team play through October and never let you down.

opening day lineup

Play Ball!

*        *        *

(A quick update to my World Series post from Friday: Stevie the Cat is not happy about the Craig Kimbrel trade. Not happy at all.)

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