Baseball Is Real & We’re All Number One

If the last five months were the “Off Season” … is today the “On Season”?

It’s The On Season, Baseball Fans!

To be honest, I kinda like the off season. Everybody needs a reset and I like the anticipation of a brand new season … brand new possibilities.

I don’t mind waiting.

Orioles waiting for the game to resume, August 2017 © The Baseball Bloggess

But, I’m glad we don’t have to wait anymore.

(Dear Beloved Baltimore Orioles, My amazing baseball experts don’t think you’re good enough to win the World Series. Nobody thinks you’ll do much of anything this year. But, I do. I believe in you. Please, don’t let me down.)

John Prine is a country music songwriting legend. But, he’s one of those under-the-radar fellas, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t really heard of him. (I didn’t know much about him either.)

Happy stuff.

A recent issue of Rolling Stone had an interview with Prine and he was asked about what it was like to become a father, for the first time, when he was 48.

“I learned real fast I don’t know anything except songwriting. Since kids have innocence, they can cut through the bullshit. I asked my son Tommy to sing with me in Birmingham when he was five or six. He comes offstage, and I said, ‘How was that, Tommy? Did you like that?’ He goes, ‘That’s not real. Baseball is real.’”

Yes, Tommy, you are right. Baseball is real.

And, it is now.

And, for just this one day … we’re all number one.

Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Baseball Is Real & We’re All Number One

  1. So excited. Waiting for the Yankees game to come on. God willing my friend and I are going to make our annual trip to our favorite ballpark , Orioles Park at Camden Yards to see the Yankees and Orioles in June. Can’t wait.

  2. And the O’s win on a Adam Jones home run in the 11th!! Some people call this a “walk off” win, but I never thought that was a real baseball term. A good win, though. Bundy looked really good. Brach had some tough luck in the 9th.

  3. Back in the olden days of LP’s, I used to pay close attention to who wrote the songs I liked. When I heard Bette Midler sing “Hello In There”, I checked the writing credit and it was this fellow John Prine. He’s an ex postal carrier, as am I (and as was Johnny Klippstein back in the days when ballplayers needed winter jobs.) His song (John Prine, not John Klippstein) “The Great Compromise” always makes me cry, and imo it’s one of the greatest songs ever written.

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