My Day In “The Sun”

Pop Quiz, Baseball Fans!

Which is more unbelievable …

a) The Orioles won last night!

It’s a win!

b) I found these snow booties in my size. On sale!

Adorable and On Sale!

c) I’m on the front page of today’s Baltimore Sun sports page.

Trick Question …

They are all unbelievable. But, true.

Here’s the link to The Baltimore Sun profile. Read About Me!

And, thank you Baltimore Sun reporter Jeff Barker …

For this:

“Jackie Howell has managed to find the elusive sweet spot between passionately caring about the Orioles without being unhinged by their repeated failings.”

“Without being unhinged.” Remember that, people. Not unhinged.

And, for this description of this website …

“It’s akin to the old ‘Car Talk’ show on National Public Radio that was part auto mechanics and part philosophy and life counseling.”

(If you’d like to donate your old car to me, and help out your local public radio station, just let me know!)

Jeff also mentions a photo of me meditating in an Orioles sweater. This photo exists and it was not a set up for the story. It is the best, softest, cushiest sweater ever.  I bought it during the freezing two-hour rain delay at Camden Yards before the Orioles lost to the Yankees in the 2012 post-season. It is the most comfy unlucky sweater ever.

photo credit: One of the only photos Editor/Husband has ever taken.

Hey, the Orioles won!

16 thoughts on “My Day In “The Sun”

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  2. Oh Jackie! Congrats on being recognized for your awesome blog. You bring baseball alive for all your readers. And, by the way, those are great boots.

    • That I had my day on the front page of the Baltimore Sun sports page is sort of awesome in a weird way. That I represent the face of sad Orioles fans in a historically bad season is sort of non-awesome in a weird way. But, I’m putting “not unhinged” on my resume!

    • The perks of having a horrible team, I guess. I am now the Pollyanna who has to tell everyone, “Cheer up! It’s ok, it’ll be all right. We’ll win again, someday. Maybe. Maybe we’ll win again.”

      I hope that Manny Machado carries your Dodgers far into October. (And, UVa alum Chris Taylor, too!)

  3. Thank you for your work. I have lived most of my 65 years in Indian country. I have a great Cy Young baseball card and I have been a Yankee fan since the Indians gave Nettles and Chamblis to them. I miss the hit and run and stolen base. Everyone at the dish is trying to launch the ball. I detest this and agree 100% with Smoltz. Changes have to be made. The Indians have their division locked in spring training. Baseball has turned into home run derby. It is either strike out, walk or home run. The younger generation who grows up with todays MLB will never experience how good baseball used to be. There is more action in the Little League World Series then in MLB. I am new to your blog. My favorite so far is the Independence Day matchup between Waddell and Cy Young. I look forward ro more of you, Thanks. You will never see a Mark Belanger again or a pitching staff like I think the 1967 Oriloes. I believe Moe Drabowsky was on that team.


    • Hi Terrance … Yes! Moe Drawbowsky — and his paltry ERA and practical joking — was on the Orioles from ’66 to ’68 and then back in ’70. I have been pleased that the rebuilding Orioles and their young players in these past few weeks seem to have a little “small ball” in them. College baseball is a great place to find that old-fashioned strategy and well-placed bunting.

      And, thank you for your kind words … finding those old baseball stories — and especially a peculiar game that I can unwind from an old, old box score — is one of my favorite things and I love sharing them here. I hope you enjoy them!

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