Dear Baltimore Orioles, I Believe In You.

“Baltimore was bad last year, but this year it will be much worse. Its starting lineup is made up entirely of bums, retreads, and no-hopers. This team is more Major League than the movie.” ~ The Toronto Globe & Mail, April 27, 2019

Dear Baltimore Orioles,

It’s Opening Day and I believe in you.

Sure, I also believe in climate change, e.coli in my romaine, and menopause. These things do me no good, but I must believe in them because they are real.

But, I believe there’s more to you than just bad things.

I don’t believe you are made up entirely of “bums, retreads, and no-hopers.”

Sure, nearly half of your roster — 11 of the 25 players — are enjoying their very first Opening Day in the majors. I’m looking forward to learning all their names.

“It’s a dream come true,” infielder Drew Jackson told The Baltimore Sun. Last year he was playing AA ball in the Dodgers system.

Drew Jackson. I’ve learned one new name already!

I believe that you all have worked up some crazy, ingenious, secret plan that will make you better … better than last year’s historic 115 losses. Better than what everyone else believes is possible.

I believe you’re going to try your best not to suck.

(I can’t believe I had to write that.)

I’m not sure why I believe in you, because it seems pretty hopeless, doesn’t it?

But, it’s baseball season and it’s nice to feel hopeful on Opening Day.

No matter what anyone else says.

I believe in you.

(Please don’t lose 100 games.)

Your Pollyanna Friend, The Baseball Bloggess

P.S. Toronto Globe & Mail Sourpusses: You do know that the bums, retreads, and no-hopers of “Major League” won the AL East in that movie, right? On a bunt … a freaking beautiful bunt.

Go O’s.


15 thoughts on “Dear Baltimore Orioles, I Believe In You.

  1. I feel you in this – why the negative write up by the Toronto folks – if you can’t say something nice… On the other hand I look forward to the series with you this year! In Denver in Late May! I will also be learning a few new names this year – a few rough good byes in the player dept.

    • I know that we are in rebuild mode … which is a long, multi-season process. While this year will likely be an ugly one, I am ok with that if it’s part of a long-term plan. I guess I’d rather just rebuild from the ground up than try to patch together a mediocre team and have no blueprint for the future. So, losing is no fun, but I’m going to enjoy watching all the “Baby Birds” this season. Good luck to your Rockies!

    • That’s right … and we have appreciate and trust that the team has a vision for the future. (I think I’m going to read “Astroball,” which I’ve been avoiding, just to remind myself that this is all part of a bigger plan.) Have a good Royals season, Sean!

  2. Hope springs eternal. Never say die. Ya gotta have faith. Anything 8possible. It’s been a beautiful spring day, so keep on believing Bloggess.

    • I know this is a multi-year rebuild. You can re-patch a shabby house and hope your cheap/quick fixes will stop the old roof from leaking and the foundation from sinking. Or, you can tear down the old house and build a new one with a solid foundation and a trusty roof. We’ve torn the old house down. But, now we’re out collecting the materials to build the new house. it’s going to be awhile before that roof is back on.

  3. Cheer on the Orioles! And take good care of Rio Ruiz! I’ve tracked him with the Braves the last couple of years! He got caught between the signing of Josh Donaldson and the eminent arrival of another prospect at third base in Atlanta. I hope he does well for the O’s. We’ll keep cheering on Nick Markakis here! He signed for another year with an option for two.

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